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Friday, May 1, 2009

a question from my friend kathie

i'm a little (a lot) weak on the chakras. can you talk about that in a way i can understand?

the word chakra is from sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk. Chakras are a core belief of yoga, and have been incorporated into many different new age practices. The chakra system was first developed in India in the Mddle Ages. according to some authorities, we have as many as 25.

however, the chakras that concern the Angels are located at points in our physical bodies, or just above our heads. the chakras are the energy centers of the energy body, and the places where our energy bodies are anchored, or attached to our physical bodies. the chakras are the places that store the memories of the physical lifetimes each of us has lived. as energy locations, and as a result of trauma, some even from past lives, the chakras can become blocked or unbalanced.

The major chakras are located along the spinal column of the body - starting at your perineum and going up to the top of your head at your crown. Each chakra is traditionally represented by a different color of the rainbow - starting with red at the bottom up to violet on the crown. Each chakra location represents different emotions and feelings as well as areas within the physical body.

Ideally all the chakras should be balanced- open and spinning at a similar rate to each other. Most of us have some chakras which are overactive or others that are closed down or underactive. Chakras can be balanced and healed, refreshed and restored as the result of eating nourishing foods that correspond to their particular color.

starting tomorrow, i'll post a brief introduction for each chakra... hope that helps, kathie... thank you for the question!


Femin Susan said...

The chakras are very famous in India.

Kathy said...

Thank you! I look forward to the rainbow introduction!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. I know a little bit about the chakras, but I'm pretty hazy. Thanks for this detailed explanation.