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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Angel Way... Results

Usually, I am a very, very active person. Since having had knee surgery in late August I've had to modify my workout routine in a number of ways-- from # of days per week to level of intensity of exercise and the types of activities that I do. I'm still having lingering problems with the muscles of the lower legs. I'm far from being a couch potato, but I'm definitely not in the gym or on the hiking trail with a baby in the backcarrier 10 hours a week, either. During this time, with few exceptions, I've followed The Angel Way Guidelines religiously - pardon the pun (Annie says the Angels have a sense of humor so they must be with me as I write this). 

What results have I noticed by following the Guidelines despite changes in activity level:
  • I've maintained my weight and my clothing size within my personal comfort zone (120's size 8)
  • My hair grows more quickly
  • My skin has less flareups around my womyn's cycle
  • I don't get as bloated during that time of the month
  • I'm less irritable because my blood sugar is more stable throughout the day
  • I don't get dizzy as often (a good thing because I have ridiculously low blood pressure)
  • I feel energetic despite the change in my exercise routine
  • I feel more nourished, less deprived
  • I'm spending less time thinking about meal planning because it is so darn easy to plan meals and to eat this way
  • My kids enjoy their meals more and there is less fuss at the dinner table
  • Mykids ask what color foods give energy to different parts of their body AND mind-- they're connecting nourishment with health and vitality; they are less fussy between meals, too.
  • I'm more in tune with mySelf, from an esoteric or spiritual perspective

How do you feel? We'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We're still here!

Annie is away for a while.... lounging on a beach someplace, finishing the MS for the ETAW Book... I'm digging up resources and waiting for the final word from the publisher who has the proposal. 

Winter is a tough time to incorporate complete rainbows, especially where I live in New England. Still I am trying to buy as locally and organically as my family can afford. Hope you are, too!