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Sunday, June 28, 2009

rainbow anomaly... from karen

about a week ago, i posted about the rainbow karen and i saw on the day we got together to work on our book proposal. i suspected that what we were seeing was a very rare occurence, but one that was almost impossible to manifest given the conditions. the great thing about having a research assistant is that she checks out my hunches. here's what she sent me regarding our noon-time rainbow:


You were on the right track about conditions for and time of day for a
rainbow...See the link below. An excerpt is below.... Not only did we not
have local,morning rain to create refraction, we saw this rainbow between
12:15 and 1pm, when the sun is highest in the sky. No rainbows are seen
at noon when the sun is directly overhead. Quite the anomaly we witnessed! There is more info at the weather channel website, too.

Earth Science-Rainbow

A rainbow lasts only about a half-hour because the conditions that create it
rarely stay steady much longer than this. In many locations, spring is the
prime rainbow-viewing month. Rainfall is usually more localized in the
spring, and brief showers over limited areas are a regular feature of
atmospheric behavior. This change is a result of the higher springtime sun
warming the ground more effectively than it did throughout the previous
winter months. This process produces local convection. These brief,
irregular periods of pre cipitation followed by sunshine are ideal rainbow
conditions. Also, the Sun is low enough for much of the day to allow a
rainbow to appear above the horizon—the lower the sun, the higher the top of a rainbow.

The "purity" or brightness of the colors of the rainbow depends on the size
of the raindrops. Large drops or those with diameters of a few millimeters
create bright rainbows with well-defined colors; small droplets with
diameters of about 0.01 mm produce rainbows of overlapping colors that
appear nearly white.

For refraction to occur, the light must intersect the raindrops at an angle.
Therefore no rainbows are seen at noon when the sun is directly overhead.
Rainbows are more frequently seen in the afternoon because most showers
occur in midday rather than morning. Because the horizon blocks the other
half of a rainbow, a full 360° rainbow can only be viewed from an airplane.

Monday, June 22, 2009

my rainbow weekend

i kept very close track all weekend. these amounts cover two days.. here's how i did:

RED: red grapes, tomatoes, apples
ORANGE: carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches
YELLOW: bananas, lemonade, corn
GREEN: lettuce, cucumbers, green grapes, sweet basil, coffee, tea
BLUE: blueberries, blackberries, purple onion, blueberry tea

BROWN: whole wheat bread cubes, french fries, coffee cake, baklava, bread crumbs on the chicken breast, vodka (1).

WHITE-LIGHT: yogurt (4), egg, pork chop (2), chicken breast, nuts in baklava

SWEET: baklava (dessert sat night) coffee cake (dessert sun night)

FAT: light cream in coffee, vinagrette dressing on salad, coffee cake, baklava, french fries, olive oil cooking chicken, butter on corn.

keeping track of my food in this way helps me visualize the full range of what i need to satisfy myself and enables me to set reasonable limits on the amounts of fat and sweets i choose to eat. also, i don't have any health conditions that might necessitate me including more perameters.

so... how about YOU?! :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

rainbow challenge check-in

how's it going? are you managing at least one rainbow a day? i've noticed my daughter becoming addicted to frozen blueberries...that's an addiction i can encourage! how about you? anyone notice any healthier changes in your eating habits, or notice any differences in how food tastes?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

im so excited!

now that karen's back and operational - she has a great space to write! - she's chugging away at our proposal. it's just about DONE... and now... on to the manuscript itself! our hope is to have it in the mail to my agent by JUNE 30!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Angels and Rainbows

this morning, karen and i got together to put the finishing touches on our proposal. it's so exciting for both of us to see this come together, and its so amazing for me to see how much research karen has been able to find that support and confirm the guidelines.

and today we got another kind of confirmation...the sort only an Angel could send. karen was changing her baby, and i was standing at her front door, looking out over her quiet street and immaculate front lawn. i happened to look up, into the bright blue, cloud-feathered sky.

in the sky, almost directly overhead, was a rainbow. it stretched across the feathery white clouds, shifting color upon color. i called karen and she ran with the baby, fresh diaper barely plastered into place. for easily ten minutes, we gazed wondering, at what we saw.

you think the Angels are pleased with us? i asked karen, as we stood side by side, taking turns staring at the rainbow and cooing to her baby.

it even looks like an Angel, she marvelled.

it was high noon. the sun was overhead, the clouds were barely visible, the light a blinding intense white. a rainbow that time of day, under those conditions, is a rare sight, im certain.

so maybe it wasn't a rainbow at all...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the Angels on fear

an old chinese curse begins "may you live in interesting times." the times are certainly interesting, and change is in the wind.

for many people, the prospect of change brings fear, uncertainty, and gnawing anxieties of what-ifs and maybes and should-such-and-such-ever-come-to-pass. it is not an easy state of mind to endure, and the constant stress will literally eat away at your body.

for many people, states of anxiety and fear trigger old patterns, whether they are functional patterns or not. many of us slide back into these patterns not because we like how we behave or what happens when we engage in these patterns, but because they feel familiar and therefore, somehow, safe.

in such times, we may typically turn to grounding foods - those which are converted most readily into stored fat - to provide a sense of stabilizing energy, or a literal bulwark against the world. extremely sensitive people may build a visible boundary of extra fat around themselves to protect themselves from a world they feel all too keenly, and even the less sensitive will most likely be tempted to indulge.

when that happens, forgive yourself. the times ARE a'changing - major shifts are happening, planetary awareness is rising. if you feel buffeted by the events all around you, first of all, take heart - we are all in this together. i personally know no one in my immediate circle who is not feeling some direct effect of all the chaos that's happening all around us.

the Angels urge us to be gentle with ourselves. when we feel the urge to go faster, they suggest we slow down. when we feel the panic beginning to rise, they urge us to take deep breaths. they urge us to try to see the positive in every situation, to find the lesson and the grace. they know how difficult this is to do.

this is why they suggest we begin with nourishing ourselves. it was the first act of love we experienced as tiny infants - it is the most fundamental way we have of taking care of ourselves. when we hold ourselves in a vibration of true love - even true self-love (which is very different from selfishness) - it is impossible to be truly afraid. the antidote to fear is love.

red, orange and yellow foods - those that nourish, strengthen, balance and cleanse the first,second and third chakras - are all important to include in your diet when you feel fearful of outside events. it is also important to eat healthy grains in order to feel a sense of grounding and balance. fats in reasonable quantities are necessary to provide that "little cushion" without which life can feel quite hard, indeed. be kind to yourself - don't forget to add at least one daily treat for yourself. remember, chocolate is a green food! green foods nourish the heart chakra, and the heart chakra is the seat of love and self-acceptance.

Friday, June 5, 2009

no, im not off the wagon...

... im writing!!!

the Angel book is coming along really well - chapters one through three are taking shape. today i'm tweaking the introduction that karen so beautifully wrote, adding a few sentences here and there to help make the concepts clearer.

if YOU have an experience with the Angel guidelines that you feel guided to share with others, please email me at anniekelleher@aol.com.