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Saturday, June 20, 2009

rainbow challenge check-in

how's it going? are you managing at least one rainbow a day? i've noticed my daughter becoming addicted to frozen blueberries...that's an addiction i can encourage! how about you? anyone notice any healthier changes in your eating habits, or notice any differences in how food tastes?


Martha said...

I am addicted to the cherries in season. Unless Rocky Road ice cream is a rainbow food, not as good as I should or could be!!

Lynette said...

biggest issue now

too hot to cook
cant afford to shop daily


mostly eating a lot of yogurt

Stacie said...

i'm not doing as well as i could. i eat lots of colors, but only about 4 days a week do i eat a complete rainbow. purple and orange are hard for me.

Kathy said...

I'm checking in late, since I've been out. It's hard to eat a rainbow on the road, but I tried to choose more veggies and fewer fries. I managed to get a rainbow the day we went to the Ethiopian restaurant. And I ate a hot dog on the way home and decided I'm so over hot dogs, at least for now.