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Thursday, April 30, 2009

another question from patrice

Why do the angels care about colors?

the reason the angels want us to think about food in terms of colors is that food doesn't just nourish us physically. it also nourishes us energetically. food colors correspond to the colors of our chakras. for example, an orange isn't just good for your body, it also helps to cleanse, balance and fortify your second chakra. this is why the angels want us to eat a variety of colors. not only does it make your plate, and your kitchen and your fridge very pretty... it also ensures that YOU start feeling pretty inside and out :).

one reason to create your initial chart is to see what colors you ARE eating and in what proportion. this may well help you address any energetic imbalances before they manifest as illnesses or chronic conditions. for example, my dear sister-in-spirit laura told me she realized she didn't like much yellow food, and never ate any. i suggested she try a banana - and now she loves them, as well as other yellow fruits and veggies :).

white foods are complete protein foods. complete proteins, like white light that contains all the colors of the spectrum, are what the body uses to restore ALL the tissues of the body. this is what makes them different from all the other colors.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a question from my friend, patrice

... who said she wanted to try the angel way of eating, but didn't feel she was quite ready. here's what the Angels told me to say:

the Angels only want you to try eating like this when you are completely ready. it took me months and months before i was willing to try it myself. and when you ARE ready, you only have to committ to trying to eat like this two days in a row at first. that's it, and then you can quit and go back to eating any way you like and whatever you want. then when you think you want to try it again, give it another two days and stop. eventually, what happens is you start to realize how good you feel on the third day. but it is perfectly possible to follow this plan and only eat like this two days out of every seven.

the reason you can do this is because the Angels are more interested in helping you to pay attention to how you make your food choices than in what specifically you eat. the Angels are more interested in getting you to pay attention to your body and what it wants. eventually, what happened for me was that i began to realize how good i felt on the third day, and that if i wanted to continue to feel the benefits, all i had to do was keep eating this way. but even when i reached that point, the Angels encouraged me to eat like this 3 days out of every 4. it is very important to the Angels that you begin to distinguish the feelings in your body from how you feel when you are eating like this, and how you feel when you aren't.

now i eat like this 5-6 days out of every seven, but on the weekends i indulge as freely as i please. the longest i've ever been able to stay on a "strict" angelic diet is 13 days. on the 14th day i crashed. i ate several boxes of thin mints all myself or something equally appalling with very few repercussions. the Angels are NOT about deprivation and would far prefer everyone to indulge in their wildest appetites for just about anything than behave in a way that feels mean or depriving to anyone - and that very much includes YOU - for any reason.

chances are, if you are intrigued by the blog, the Angels are already Working on you.

what my chart looks like

white - yogurt, eggs, chicken, fish (including lobster and shrimp), prime rib, almonds, almond milk, forbidden rice, quinoa.

red - strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, tomatoes, red potatoes
orange - peaches, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes
yellow - bananas, squash, grapefruit, lemons, corn on the cob
green - limes, green beans, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, baby peas, spring greens, coffee, tea and chocolate
blue/purple/black - blueberries, blackberries, bilberries, lavender, forbidden rice

brown - rice, barley, oats, quinoa, cornmeal, corn, potatoes, pretzels

artifical/processed - soda, commerical baked goods like bread and cookies, pretzels, salad dressings

sweets - white sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar, chocolate

fats - potato chips, french fries, cream, butter, olive oil, almond oil, almond butter, ranch dressing

*this is pretty much everything i eat. from this list, i create my menus for the day and, by extension, of course, the week. because my daughters are all young women, their nutritional requirements are enough like mine that i can use my preferences and needs as a basis from which to build theirs.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

now i have my chart...

and im dismayed.

at least that's how i felt the first time i looked at my sorry list of a week's worth of food diaries. when i saw what i was REALLY feeding myself - or not feeding myself - i was appalled. now what, i wondered?

the first guideline i received was to eat a complete protein food at each meal. so what does that mean, i remember wondering. what proteins am i supposed to eat?

Annie, answered the Angels gently, what kind do you LIKE?

so the third step - after you've kept a list of what you really eat for a few days, and made your first rainbow chart, is to make another chart, a blank one this time, with lots of space. your chart should have the following categories:







some of the categories do overlap. many foods fall into more than one category. the key is to put them where they feel like they belong to YOU. for example, i put chocolate in hte sweets category, originally. it feels like a treat to me, so that's where i put it. i put french fries from mickey d's in fats, not cause they are made of just fat, but because they FEEL fat when i eat them. and then i feel fat, too. but we all need a little cushion in our lives, which is what fat helps do, and the Angels don't want us to feel denied or deprived.

however, the most important thing to keep in mind as you begin to fill in each category is what foods do YOU like in each category. this is not for your family, your partner, your children, your room-mate. fill the chart in with the foods you would prefer to eat every day. include foods you could easily eat every day. for example, i love yogurt so much that if i had to exist on it alone for the rest of my life, i'd be happy. yogurt is a complete protein food, so it went down first in my white-foods category.

so... what is it you love to eat?

so who (or what) are these Angels, anyway?

from the time i was very little, i knew about Angels. according to the irish-italian-catholic tradition i was raised in, everyone has one. and when i was very little, every night, as i was closing my eyes to fall asleep, i would see my room fill up with light and i knew my Guardian Angel had come to stand watch over me while i slept. i didn't know that others didn't experience this sort of thing, but that's another story.

a few days ago, a friend of mine asked me about the nature of the Angels. who are they, she wanted to know, where do they come from and how do you know they're not evil?

so i asked the Angels, and this is what They said:

Angels are the First Emanation from the Divine Spirit-Source, the All-Is, which is how they refer to what in our culture is commonly called god.

this Spirit-Source, this All-Is, or god, if you prefer, is simply love, love in its purest, most essential, most elemental form. because the nature of love is to give, from the god-source, spontaneously, like a huge fountain or those images of the sun, constantly emanates so much love that it then creates all reality as it rolls out and reflects back on itself. so if you imagine the god-source as being like the sun, the Angels are the first ring of light around it. They have never enjoyed an existence in a physical body, even though from time to time They can appear to have one. This is why it is so important to the Angels that our relationships with our bodies and our nourishment be healed and be loving. if we don't love ourselves enough to feed ourselves the best possible food we can, how will we ever love each other enough to do the work that needs to be done?

in the realm of the angels, there is no evil because there is no fear. evil feeds on fear and anger and the angels are too happy and loving to ever be angry or afraid. even the worst of us are not deemed as irredeemable by the angels - they see people like hitler as offering us great lessons and challenges and the occasion for the rest of us to grow and evolve. the angels see that evil people are the results of the broken world we live in - a world that is no longer congruent with the inherent nature of the creator god who continues to roll out love around us. we can heal if only we allow ourselves to feel the love. this is why the eating piece is so critical to the angels and why they want the word spread. we can only heal the world if we heal ourselves. it all starts inside each of us. how we feed ourselves reflects not just what we feel about ourselves, but also how we will treat others.

i asked the Angels once how to cure cancer, and They said, if you would cure cancer, end war. just as cancer is a result of the cells of the body running amok, war between peoples is the outside reflection of that interior state.

so i said, so how do we do THAT? and They said: you can make loving choices in caring for your body, and your soul can become so evolved that you never want to go to war, with anyone. when that happens for each individual, war WILL end.

so the state of our inner world and the state of our outer world is critically linked - it is one and the same and this is what the Angels really want us to realize. the kingdom of heaven, as jesus taught really IS all around us. we only have to heal to the point where we can allow ourselves to believe it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

now that you made your list...

if you've been keeping track of all the food you've been eating over the course of four or five days, you may have amassed quite a list. if you haven't already, the next step is to create a chart. you can use excel to create a real spreadsheet if you're technically adept, or if you're like me, you can draw lines on paper :).

make sure your chart has these categories down the side:


across the top, put the days of the week or the dates.

using your list, put check marks in your chart for each color food you ate. for example, i'll use a good approximation of what my daily list might have looked like when i first tried this process:

coffee with cream (600 am)
banana (9 am)
mickey d's hamburger (plain)
french fries
coke (all at 1130 am)
ham sandwich (2 pieces of potato bread, 2 slices of honey baked deli ham with butter)
potato chips
coke (230 pm)
chicken breast
mixed veggies (corn, peas, carrots, lima beans)
lemonade (made from real lemons) (600 pm)
hot chocolate (830 pm)

this is what my daily food chart would look like:

orange - carrots
yellow - corn, banana and lemonade
green - peas and limas, hot chocolate and coffee
blue/purple/black -

white - hamburger, chicken breast, ham

brown - roll from burger, bread from sandwich, rice

processed/artifical - french fries, cokes, hamburger, ham, rolls from burger, bread from sandwich, hot chocolate, potato chips

you can also add a separate category for fats, if you like, and this is where the cream and butter would be listed.

from a chart like this, i'm very quickly able to see how much processed food im eating, and how many colors im missing, at least for that day. while its great i have three colors with at least one entry, im very heavy on the yellows and the greens. im totally missing red and blue, and my choices of white foods aren't the best choices i could be making either.

on the plus side, i notice that i am eating fairly frequently, at least through the later part of the day - one of my tendencies was to forget to eat until i was so ravenous i wouldn't be able to stop myself. so one of my important shifts was to start reminding myself to eat something more nuitritious than coffee before 9 am.

what does your chart say to you?

just for grannie annie :)

dear grannie annie -

the Angels would like to respond to your question about getting motivated. They would like me to attempt to convey in some small way how absolutely beautiful our human bodies are in motion. not just young bodies, either - every human body to the Angels is an expression of the Divine.

They would like me to suggest to you to imagine yourself at every corner or turn of your walk greeted by a crowd of cheering Angels who marvel at the poetry of your stride.

did you know that your walk is unique to you? did you know that the way you carry yourself upon this earth and through your life is magical? you are a magical being - and They feel it's unfortunate that we cannot see the amazing miracle of our bones and muscles and flesh and blood propelling itself through space.

They wish you to try to envision the action of the air flowing down your throat, infusing your blood with life-giving sustenance, then pumped by your heart that has never ceased to beat since the first cell formed. They wish you to envision your muscles and sinews and tendons flexing and thrusting in such perfect synchrony we humans, with all our technology, cannot yet come close to duplicating.

as your feet connect with the holy mother earth, imagine how your life is connecting to all other beings who are rooted in some physical way into the soil that supports you. know that as you walk, every step is a celebration of the Divine that made us all. every time you take a step, the Angels sing. imagine what They do when we dance :).

please let me know if you find that helpful.... grannie annie junior :)

i never expected...

to lose ten pounds in less than three weeks. i've been following the guidelines and the exercise regimen that the Angels suggested a few weeks ago. part of the weight loss is undeniably linked to hormones. but there's no denying my clothes are looser than they were, i made it through my extremely erratic period without serious bingeing or cravings, and im feeling undeniably peppier.

so what exactly have i been doing? walking, mostly - a 30-minute walk in the morning, and again in the evening, plus twenty minutes of yoga. some walks are fast, some walks are slow. some walks are measured and even. it's however i feel like walking at the moment. some walks i've skipped. but for the most part, there's only been a day or two where i've not walked or stretched at all.

so my sense that eating and exercising the way the Angels suggest we do will enable us to achieve a balanced state of dynamic stasis... seems to be correct.

if any gentle readers are following these guidelines, and would like to share their experiences, the Angels welcome your participation!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's not just woo-woo

the most astonishing aspect of the Angel guidelines was how much they are in alignment with the most cutting edge thinking on diet and nuitrition. when i knew i was going to write a book on this topic, i realized i wanted to back up the guidelines with sound research. i turned to a friend of mine, karen m. rider, who not only has some education in nuitrition, but is also a very thorough researcher!

although she would be the first to say she was initially skeptical, the more she delved into the science behind the guidelines, the more convinced she became that the Angels know what They're talking about. here is a quote from the sidebar she wrote in support of the article that's being printed in the Door Opener's summer issue:

"Intuitively, the guidelines for Eating, the Angel Way, make sense to me as they do to many others, especially light-workers. When I began collaborating with Annie on the ETAW project, I found it remarkable that all of the guidelines coincide with some of the very best nutritional science practices. I don’t mean trendy diet tips, either. I am referring to scientifically supported principles for what to eat and how to eat. The support is documented in research and books written by well-known physicians including, Dr. Dean Ornish (The Spectrum) and Dr. Mark Hyman (UltraMetabolism). Drs. Hyman and Ornish advise consumers to be aware of the glycemic load (not just the glycemic index) of the foods we eat. Both authors encourage us to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Both emphasize that we limit meat, processed and man-made molecules and genetically modified products from our diet."

Karen M. Rider

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

getting started - the practical side

begin by keeping a list for a few days of all the foods you eat. don't judge, just keep a list. notice when you feel like eating, notice what you choose to eat. notice how much of what you eat is determined by other people.

for example, women who are the primary caregivers in their families frequently make food choices based on the likes, dislikes, needs and preferences of the people they're preparing food for. the only problem with this approach, however, is that it potentially ignores the fact that an adult woman will have different nuitritional requirements from adult men and growing children.

once you have a list of four or five days, notice what kinds of foods you tend to eat. what colors are the foods you are already eating? how many grain or grain-containing products are you eating each day? how many times and in what forms are you getting your "white food" - that is, your protein? how much food or liquid containing artificial sweetners are you consuming? create a chart for each day with categories for red, orange, yellow, green, blue/purple/black foods, white - or complete protein - foods and brown, or grain foods. from your list, fill in each category for each day you kept track.

now, you can assess how closely you may already be following these guidelines... or not.

getting started - meditation

so how do you begin, you might wonder? how do you sort all the foods you eat into their assigned categories? how do you know what foods are what color? how do you know what foods are "good" and what foods are "bad?" if you toss away all your diet books and magazine articles and internet mind-bytes, and everything you think you "know" about food, what do you have left?

when we were very small, our food choices were determined for us by our caregivers, and most of us were given only breast milk or infant formula. it was as perfect a place as you could be - you got hungry, the food you were fed satisfied your appetite, you ate what you wanted and stopped when you were full. for most people the stage of early infancy is the stage where our desire for food and our intake of it is as perfectly balanced as it ever gets.

so the first thing the Angels encourage us to do is to as we work through the more practical steps, is to spend time (maybe just a couple minutes a few times a day) imagining what it was like as an infant, when our appetite and our internal mechanisms were as perfectly in harmony as they could be. in my previous post, i shared how the Angels view mindful breathing as an important physical exercise.

try sitting quietly - maybe even on the toilet(!!!) - closing your eyes and breathing in and out. dont try to slow or deepen your breathing - just become aware of it. become aware of the flow of the air over your tongue, down the back of your throat, into your lungs. become aware of the press of your diaphragm, how your ribs so effortlessly expand and contract. appreciate the miracle of your own breathing. and if you can, imagine what it felt like when you were a baby and you knew exactly how much you needed to eat and exactly how it felt to feel full.

this is deep body wisdom that is part of our birthright as human beings - it is coded into our physical structure. it is a sign of how deeply we are separated from this primal sense of who we really are, of how far we've fallen out of love with some essential part of our human nature, that most of us are so out of touch with the mechanism that signals when we've had enough to eat. this isn't something we have to learn... this is something we have only to remember. and we don't have to remember it consciously, we only have to remember it in our cells.

the Angels want us to take joy in our physical bodies, to appreciate the goodness of the food with which we nourish ourselves, to understand that we really do have the ability to recognize the right foods for us when we eat them.

Monday, April 20, 2009

the Angels on exercise

exercise and i have an uneasy relationship. i was never good at gym. i lack eye-hand coordination because my better eye is hard-wired to the weaker side of my body. but i do love to dance, to run, to walk... anything, in fact, that doesn't involve direct participation with anything or anyone else.

the last time i devoted myself to exercise, i found myself being mean to myself if i didn't measure up to some predecided goal. so it's been very hard for me to listen to the Angels about how important exercise is to the entire human energy system.

the Angels revel when we enjoy our bodies. our bodies are rivers of cells in motion, and They delight to see us twist, turn, reach, and pivot. all of the movements that come so naturally and so simply are miracles of manifestation to these divine Companions. taking time each day to indulge in any form of physical exercise is a gift to give your body. it's been very hard for me to come to the place where i can feel this. but finally, this spring, with a lot of patience on Their part, and a lot of asking on mine, i think i finally got it.

for most healthy people, the Angels recommend the exercise that comes most easily to most of us: walking. if you do no other kind of exercise, activity or type of movement - walk. assuming you're reasonably healthy and you have no health limitations, walking is the easiest and most natural form of exercise there is. it doesn't have to be a power walk, either. a stroll down the block, enjoying the sights and scents of spring (assuming you don't live where i do) is of benefit. if you find yourself wondering how to add exercise into an already busy day, simple things like parking further away from your destination and using the stairs instead of the elevator are two easy ways to begin. on the other hand, a brisk hour's walk up and down hills will certainly speed up your metabolism, burn calories and in general increase your fitness level.

yoga, another Angel favorite, is as much a spiritual path as it is a physical practice, but the postures are of benefit even if you choose only to begin by doing one a few minutes a day.

mindful breathing is another form of physical exercise we sometimes overlook, and yet the Angels insist that awareness of our bodies began with an awareness of our breath. to connect mindfully with our breathing is to connect to the flow of our energetic bodies that exist all around and within our physical forms.

singing and dancing are other forms of physical exercise that intersect with the sacred. the biblical injunction to "make a joyful noise unto the lord" is a concept enthusiastically endorsed by the Angels. that joyful noise may be a chorus of bullfrogs, the hallelujah chorus or the latest american idol... the Angels leave the choice entirely up to us.

intro - part one

a couple years ago, just about this time of year, i was confronted by the sad reality that if i wasn't going to exercise like a fiend, i couldn't eat anything i wanted. but the reason i used to exercise like a fiend had nothing to do with what i wanted to do... exercise was a way to control, to punish, and to sublimate a lot of very negative and hurtful feelings. i was in great shape... but to stay that way i had to be really mean to myself.

and i didn't like that.

i don't like to be mean to anyone, let alone me.

as soon as the overall stress level in my life declined - i moved in with Beloved, my ex crawled back under his rock, the kids got older and i quit imagining i'd ever find that elusive pot of gold at the end of everyone else's rainbow - the one called "gainful employment" - i was a lot happier in general.

i was running 7.5 miles a day, six days a week, and working out in a gym for an hour a day three days a week. i felt overtrained, overworked and bone-weary. i'd whipped myself into a size four, but i wasn't happy with how i felt doing what i had to do to stay that way.

however, this was not an easy decision.

i don't come from a long line of sylphs. i come from a long line of women who struggle with hormonal and thyroid challenges, and all sorts of weight and metabolism issues. my maternal grandmother was a strong athletic woman well into her seventies, but she was no size four. my mother began her struggle with weight in childhood. in each of my pregnancies, i gained at least 60 pounds, and growing up, FAT was a dirty word. "that makes you look fat" is my mother's fashion kiss of death.

so doing this - quitting dieting, quitting working out - felt like a leap into the great unknown. but i was determined i was going to learn how to be kind to my body, and how to be kind to myself. i wasn't going to run one more step or lift one more weight until i felt like doing so. i wasn't going to punish myself, i wasn't going to withhold anything - be it chips or chocolate or sloth. i was going to turn off the voices that said i "should" or "shouldn't" - i was going to listen to the voices that said... "annie, you go right ahead!"

so i quit working out, and quit being mean to myself about what i wanted to eat, and sat back to see what would happen.

intro - part two

the newfound stability in my life meant that i had time and energy to focus on things that really mattered to me - my writing, my intuitive abilities and my family and friends. it also meant i had lots of time to cook, to make big meals, and to indulge my passion for baked goods.

slowly, the combination of sloth, a highly sedentary occupation, and a love of comfort food began to show. like a cold-water phobe easing into deeper water, i let ten pounds, then fifteen, then twenty creep on. then my hormones began to go haywire. it took five years, but finally, i decided i had to do something differently, i thought. but what?

i figured i had to begin with food. along the way, intermittently, i'd tried all sorts of various diets. i used a combination of weight watchers and rigorous exercise to shed my baby weight ... i topped out with libby at 196 and was 116 at my lowest six years later. i didn't want to be that rigorous and i didn't like the idea of a "diet." i wanted to find something i could stick to the rest of my life - that was flexible and forgiving and allowed me to eat as much as the stuff i could intuitively tell was good for me, and avoid all the stuff i could intuitively tell was bad.

the more i developed my intuition, the more i could taste the metallic aftertastes in such highly processed foods as diet soda and soy milk. i've always been a picky eater - certain foods, like tomato sauce, simply look too much like blood for me to enjoy. anything like a fish that resembles too closely what it was in life on my plate, i can't bear... i've never been able to eat a chicken leg, for example, though white meat goes down just fine - on my plate it doesn't resemble any recognizable part of a living chicken. forget whole fish and lobster. i also can't stand the taste of any kind of cheese - although it's only the kind with the stinky molds growing on them im really allergic to. i don't have much of a sweet tooth, either... it's salty things i crave.

but just as i was walking a spiritual path, i was also walking a physical one and it seemed as fraught with pitfalls as any purgatory. i tried a lot of "diets" and "programs." i listened and watched my friends. the most frustrating piece of all was the way some things that seemed to work for my friends DID work for me, but then there were others that didn't.

it was the same with all the books and internet information i found. some stuff worked, some stuff didn't. some stuff that was recommended tasted so foul i decided only a demon masquerading as a chef could've concocted it out of some hateful jealousy of our ability to enjoy food.

so there i was... five years later, thirty pounds heavier... staring into my refrigerator... wondering... what the f@#$k am i supposed to eat?

to be continued...

intro - part three

but it wasn't just a question of what i was supposed to eat, however. the more i sat and thought about and considered this issue, the more i realized how adversarial my relationship with food and my own body really was.

for example, i frequently forget to eat. i can go hours and hours and hours - all day - practically and forget to eat. part of it is that, for me, the process of creating anything lulls me into an Other Place, a place where mundane things like time and meals and laundry and dust bunnies don't exist. when writing something as long and as complex as my last trilogy, for example, or even the book i'm working on now, the temptation is always to go to that OtherPlace, and stay there. re-entry, as im sure anyone reading this who's an artist of any sort understands, can be tricky.

i realized that what usually happened was that i didn't eat all day - from perhaps six in the morning until about two or so in the afternoon. at that point, of course, i was ravenously hungry, completely exhausted and prone to put anything at all into my mouth, assuming it met the parameters of my picky palate. when i was running and working out, of course, i'd followed a carefully planned diet of meal shakes and salads and yogurts and minimeals. but left to my own devices, mistress of oceans of time, with access to practically any kind of food available on the planet at any given time, i frequently chose not to feed myself at all.

so what was THAT about, i wondered?

intro - part four

my search for a food plan i could live with didn't happen in a vaccum, of course. at the same time, i had embarked on a deeply spiritual journey, one that was enabling me not only to embrace the gifts i'd so long denied, but also to hear the self-sabotaging messages i was giving myself.

i realized that day after day, week after week, of forgetting to eat, of denying my body its critical nourishment, and then stuffing it with whatever i had closest at hand, was basically telling myself that i was supposed to come last. my needs didn't matter. my nourishment - physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual - didn't count. it could come dead last, after i had done my best to meet the needs of everyone around me.

the same self-sabotaging voice disparaged my writing, telling me that my books were silly, they didn't matter, and who'd want to read them anyway? the more i thought about all the insidious ways i had found to damage myself, the more i realized how hard, how cruel, even i really was to myself.

i was as ruthless and relentless as my own worst villians. to me.

and so, the long work of healing began. i began to sit with the Child, the Maiden, the Young Woman who was me. i began to encourage them to speak. they were hungry, they told me. hungry for love, for kindness, for sympathy and compassion. but they were also hungry for food.

which led me back to my refrigerator, staring into the depths, wondering... "so what the f@#%$#k am i supposed to eat?"

intro - post five

it's been my experience that the Angels don't answer unless you ask. and then, the Answer is frequently so self-evident that it almost seems as if that couldn't possibly be the answer because it's been staring you in the face all along. or the Answer only comes as part of the Answer and so you hesitate, waiting to know what will happen after that.

but it's also been my experience that the Angels frequently give you only little pieces of an Answer at a time, pieces you can safely handle, like baby-spoon size bites, until They see you can handle the rest.

the limitations of human intelligence to comprehend the Divine are greater than we can begin to imagine. but most of us forget that, so entrenched into this flesh we have allowed ourselves to become.

and so, when i heard the Voice say with crystalline clarity... "White food," in answer to my question... "come on, Angels, Guides and Anyone Who Might Be Listening, please tell me what the f$#k im supposed to eat?" my utterly human response was: "and what else?"

introductory post - part six

so what the f@$#k is "white food?"

i won't bore you with how long it took me to understand. that day, when i stuck my head in the refrigerator, and heard "white food" i suddenly saw a carton of french vanilla yogurt in front of me that i would've sworn hadn't been there when i opened the door. yogurt, of course, isn't only the ONLY "white food." it just happens to be one i really like and find most agreeable. i like to think it's a legacy of my days as a mongolian warlord. (and judy, it's not possible to be allergic to "white" foods in the sense the Angels use it.)

according to the Angels, "white foods" are complete protein foods. like white light which contains all colors of the spectrum, "white" foods contain the raw materials necessary for the body to manufacture and maintain all of its components. muscles, nerves, blood, and bone are all created by the body out of amino acids.... the kind you find in complete proteins. so "white" foods include not just eggs and yogurt, beef, fish, or poultry, they also include the various vegetarian combinations of grains and veggies that make up complete proteins. rice-and-beans are every bit as much a "white food" as chicken.

my journey to understand this message was a process over many months. in retrospect, it's a good thing the Angels began with that one small piece of information, because at first i took it literally, as many of my gentle readers did, and figured it meant i was supposed to exist on a diet of yogurt, eggs, and bananas. as you can imagine, that got boring, quickly. and so one day i found myself staring back into the fridge, asking... "isn't there anything else?"

basic information - post seven

what else to eat, indeed. once i made the connection from "white" or complete protein foods, and white light, i understood what the Angels meant when answered my question, with "Eat a rainbow every day." in other words, eat at least a portion size of every color food - red, orange, yellow, green and blue/purple.

as i meditated on this guideline, it became clear to me that what the Angels meant was that each food, according to its color, can be related to the specific color and energy of an individual chakra. we don't eat simply to nourish our physical bodies. eating is meant to nourish our entire Self - not just our physical bodies. the food we ingest is intended to nourish us completely in every aspect of our selves - physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

the different colors of food are specific for energizing, balancing and healing their corresponding chakra-color. each color food interacts with all the physical aspects of the body which are associated with specific chakras. "eating a rainbow" every day means that on a regular, daily basis, every chakra and, therefore all corresponding tissues, are cleansed, balanced, energized and nourished.*

eat a rainbow every day and have white food at every meal are the first two guidelines i received from the Angels in response to my questions. i sat with these guidelines a long time before i tried them. im stubborn and dense, too, much of the time. the Angels didn't even ask me to make a complete switch. They waited until They had answered as many of my questions as They felt i needed, and then They began to make gentle suggestions that i try Their Way, just two days in a row. two days out of seven, They pleaded. just two days out of seven. consecutive days. why? i asked. so you'll be able to feel how good you feel after two days, They said. and some day you will find yourself deciding to eat this way deliberately, because it makes you feel so good. We know you'll like it. couldn't you please just try?

begged by angels to do something good for myself.... yes, im stubborn and dense. it took longer for Them to convince me to share the guidelines with others. it wasn't until the information started showing up in readings i was doing for people that i realized They were serious. right now, i'm working with a research assistant on the book. if any gentle readers would like more information, or would be interested in trying the guidelines for say, a three consecutive weeks, i am actively seeking people to give me quotes for my book. i have some already - the more the merrier. please email for the full skinny - pun intended.**

*areas of concern for an individual may potentially be identified by paying attention to what colors you prefer and what colors you ignore. for example, i find that i crave orange foods when im writing intensely... butternut or acorn squash, ruby red grapefruit, carrots and oranges, cinnamon and ginger and nutmeg, most specifically. orange is the color of the generative second chakra, the one that governs sex and fertility and creativity. writing a novel feels like birthing a baby in many aspects to me, and so i realized that on some level, something in me recognizes that the energy in orange foods are particularly needed right now. of course orange foods contain many other things that nourish aspects of our physical bodies, too - like vitamin c - and it's cold season right now in the great north woods. im sure my immune system is liking the heavy dose of orange, too.

** the angel way of eating is NOT a diet. it is possible to fit any kind of healthy diet regimen into them however, so vegans, vegetarians or followers of any holistically sound diet should find this in accordance with their requirements.