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Saturday, April 25, 2009

just for grannie annie :)

dear grannie annie -

the Angels would like to respond to your question about getting motivated. They would like me to attempt to convey in some small way how absolutely beautiful our human bodies are in motion. not just young bodies, either - every human body to the Angels is an expression of the Divine.

They would like me to suggest to you to imagine yourself at every corner or turn of your walk greeted by a crowd of cheering Angels who marvel at the poetry of your stride.

did you know that your walk is unique to you? did you know that the way you carry yourself upon this earth and through your life is magical? you are a magical being - and They feel it's unfortunate that we cannot see the amazing miracle of our bones and muscles and flesh and blood propelling itself through space.

They wish you to try to envision the action of the air flowing down your throat, infusing your blood with life-giving sustenance, then pumped by your heart that has never ceased to beat since the first cell formed. They wish you to envision your muscles and sinews and tendons flexing and thrusting in such perfect synchrony we humans, with all our technology, cannot yet come close to duplicating.

as your feet connect with the holy mother earth, imagine how your life is connecting to all other beings who are rooted in some physical way into the soil that supports you. know that as you walk, every step is a celebration of the Divine that made us all. every time you take a step, the Angels sing. imagine what They do when we dance :).

please let me know if you find that helpful.... grannie annie junior :)


Granny Annie said...

I find this very helpful. I'm afraid the angels see me clomping around rather than striding so I'll be concious of trying to change that. They also know that my heart cells are already damaged because they surrounded me when my heart stopped for 30 seconds on December 18, 2003.

annie kelleher said...

walking will help your heart. and the angels assure me they see you as striding! not clomping!

Stacie said...

Annie and the Angels...this is absolutely beautiful! :-)