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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

so who (or what) are these Angels, anyway?

from the time i was very little, i knew about Angels. according to the irish-italian-catholic tradition i was raised in, everyone has one. and when i was very little, every night, as i was closing my eyes to fall asleep, i would see my room fill up with light and i knew my Guardian Angel had come to stand watch over me while i slept. i didn't know that others didn't experience this sort of thing, but that's another story.

a few days ago, a friend of mine asked me about the nature of the Angels. who are they, she wanted to know, where do they come from and how do you know they're not evil?

so i asked the Angels, and this is what They said:

Angels are the First Emanation from the Divine Spirit-Source, the All-Is, which is how they refer to what in our culture is commonly called god.

this Spirit-Source, this All-Is, or god, if you prefer, is simply love, love in its purest, most essential, most elemental form. because the nature of love is to give, from the god-source, spontaneously, like a huge fountain or those images of the sun, constantly emanates so much love that it then creates all reality as it rolls out and reflects back on itself. so if you imagine the god-source as being like the sun, the Angels are the first ring of light around it. They have never enjoyed an existence in a physical body, even though from time to time They can appear to have one. This is why it is so important to the Angels that our relationships with our bodies and our nourishment be healed and be loving. if we don't love ourselves enough to feed ourselves the best possible food we can, how will we ever love each other enough to do the work that needs to be done?

in the realm of the angels, there is no evil because there is no fear. evil feeds on fear and anger and the angels are too happy and loving to ever be angry or afraid. even the worst of us are not deemed as irredeemable by the angels - they see people like hitler as offering us great lessons and challenges and the occasion for the rest of us to grow and evolve. the angels see that evil people are the results of the broken world we live in - a world that is no longer congruent with the inherent nature of the creator god who continues to roll out love around us. we can heal if only we allow ourselves to feel the love. this is why the eating piece is so critical to the angels and why they want the word spread. we can only heal the world if we heal ourselves. it all starts inside each of us. how we feed ourselves reflects not just what we feel about ourselves, but also how we will treat others.

i asked the Angels once how to cure cancer, and They said, if you would cure cancer, end war. just as cancer is a result of the cells of the body running amok, war between peoples is the outside reflection of that interior state.

so i said, so how do we do THAT? and They said: you can make loving choices in caring for your body, and your soul can become so evolved that you never want to go to war, with anyone. when that happens for each individual, war WILL end.

so the state of our inner world and the state of our outer world is critically linked - it is one and the same and this is what the Angels really want us to realize. the kingdom of heaven, as jesus taught really IS all around us. we only have to heal to the point where we can allow ourselves to believe it.


Martha said...

Great post, reminds of the book I'm reading by Chopra that talks about how we are the Universe and Universe is Us.

Femin Susan said...

That is a good idea to keep our diet balanced. Anyway now itself I am going to make one.