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Monday, April 20, 2009

intro - post five

it's been my experience that the Angels don't answer unless you ask. and then, the Answer is frequently so self-evident that it almost seems as if that couldn't possibly be the answer because it's been staring you in the face all along. or the Answer only comes as part of the Answer and so you hesitate, waiting to know what will happen after that.

but it's also been my experience that the Angels frequently give you only little pieces of an Answer at a time, pieces you can safely handle, like baby-spoon size bites, until They see you can handle the rest.

the limitations of human intelligence to comprehend the Divine are greater than we can begin to imagine. but most of us forget that, so entrenched into this flesh we have allowed ourselves to become.

and so, when i heard the Voice say with crystalline clarity... "White food," in answer to my question... "come on, Angels, Guides and Anyone Who Might Be Listening, please tell me what the f$#k im supposed to eat?" my utterly human response was: "and what else?"

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