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Monday, April 20, 2009

the Angels on exercise

exercise and i have an uneasy relationship. i was never good at gym. i lack eye-hand coordination because my better eye is hard-wired to the weaker side of my body. but i do love to dance, to run, to walk... anything, in fact, that doesn't involve direct participation with anything or anyone else.

the last time i devoted myself to exercise, i found myself being mean to myself if i didn't measure up to some predecided goal. so it's been very hard for me to listen to the Angels about how important exercise is to the entire human energy system.

the Angels revel when we enjoy our bodies. our bodies are rivers of cells in motion, and They delight to see us twist, turn, reach, and pivot. all of the movements that come so naturally and so simply are miracles of manifestation to these divine Companions. taking time each day to indulge in any form of physical exercise is a gift to give your body. it's been very hard for me to come to the place where i can feel this. but finally, this spring, with a lot of patience on Their part, and a lot of asking on mine, i think i finally got it.

for most healthy people, the Angels recommend the exercise that comes most easily to most of us: walking. if you do no other kind of exercise, activity or type of movement - walk. assuming you're reasonably healthy and you have no health limitations, walking is the easiest and most natural form of exercise there is. it doesn't have to be a power walk, either. a stroll down the block, enjoying the sights and scents of spring (assuming you don't live where i do) is of benefit. if you find yourself wondering how to add exercise into an already busy day, simple things like parking further away from your destination and using the stairs instead of the elevator are two easy ways to begin. on the other hand, a brisk hour's walk up and down hills will certainly speed up your metabolism, burn calories and in general increase your fitness level.

yoga, another Angel favorite, is as much a spiritual path as it is a physical practice, but the postures are of benefit even if you choose only to begin by doing one a few minutes a day.

mindful breathing is another form of physical exercise we sometimes overlook, and yet the Angels insist that awareness of our bodies began with an awareness of our breath. to connect mindfully with our breathing is to connect to the flow of our energetic bodies that exist all around and within our physical forms.

singing and dancing are other forms of physical exercise that intersect with the sacred. the biblical injunction to "make a joyful noise unto the lord" is a concept enthusiastically endorsed by the Angels. that joyful noise may be a chorus of bullfrogs, the hallelujah chorus or the latest american idol... the Angels leave the choice entirely up to us.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Great piece. It is so nice to be here, Annie. :)

April said...

I really enjoyed reading your post, Annie! Makes me want to get up and MOVE right now! :)

Martha said...

This is wonderful, I'm a walker, stair taking, hiking, kickboxing, black belt x 2 carrying, dancing Fool!!
Thanks for the blood type input, I'm A negative and do best on a vegetarian diet. I'm anemic so I crave redmeat at times.