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Monday, April 20, 2009

basic information - post seven

what else to eat, indeed. once i made the connection from "white" or complete protein foods, and white light, i understood what the Angels meant when answered my question, with "Eat a rainbow every day." in other words, eat at least a portion size of every color food - red, orange, yellow, green and blue/purple.

as i meditated on this guideline, it became clear to me that what the Angels meant was that each food, according to its color, can be related to the specific color and energy of an individual chakra. we don't eat simply to nourish our physical bodies. eating is meant to nourish our entire Self - not just our physical bodies. the food we ingest is intended to nourish us completely in every aspect of our selves - physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

the different colors of food are specific for energizing, balancing and healing their corresponding chakra-color. each color food interacts with all the physical aspects of the body which are associated with specific chakras. "eating a rainbow" every day means that on a regular, daily basis, every chakra and, therefore all corresponding tissues, are cleansed, balanced, energized and nourished.*

eat a rainbow every day and have white food at every meal are the first two guidelines i received from the Angels in response to my questions. i sat with these guidelines a long time before i tried them. im stubborn and dense, too, much of the time. the Angels didn't even ask me to make a complete switch. They waited until They had answered as many of my questions as They felt i needed, and then They began to make gentle suggestions that i try Their Way, just two days in a row. two days out of seven, They pleaded. just two days out of seven. consecutive days. why? i asked. so you'll be able to feel how good you feel after two days, They said. and some day you will find yourself deciding to eat this way deliberately, because it makes you feel so good. We know you'll like it. couldn't you please just try?

begged by angels to do something good for myself.... yes, im stubborn and dense. it took longer for Them to convince me to share the guidelines with others. it wasn't until the information started showing up in readings i was doing for people that i realized They were serious. right now, i'm working with a research assistant on the book. if any gentle readers would like more information, or would be interested in trying the guidelines for say, a three consecutive weeks, i am actively seeking people to give me quotes for my book. i have some already - the more the merrier. please email for the full skinny - pun intended.**

*areas of concern for an individual may potentially be identified by paying attention to what colors you prefer and what colors you ignore. for example, i find that i crave orange foods when im writing intensely... butternut or acorn squash, ruby red grapefruit, carrots and oranges, cinnamon and ginger and nutmeg, most specifically. orange is the color of the generative second chakra, the one that governs sex and fertility and creativity. writing a novel feels like birthing a baby in many aspects to me, and so i realized that on some level, something in me recognizes that the energy in orange foods are particularly needed right now. of course orange foods contain many other things that nourish aspects of our physical bodies, too - like vitamin c - and it's cold season right now in the great north woods. im sure my immune system is liking the heavy dose of orange, too.

** the angel way of eating is NOT a diet. it is possible to fit any kind of healthy diet regimen into them however, so vegans, vegetarians or followers of any holistically sound diet should find this in accordance with their requirements.


Martha said...

It's a way of life, not a diet. Angels only answer if asked, hmm.

annie kelleher said...

my blood type is a+... i looked into the diet based on blood types and found it didn't resonate for me at all... if only it'd been that easy :(!