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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's not just woo-woo

the most astonishing aspect of the Angel guidelines was how much they are in alignment with the most cutting edge thinking on diet and nuitrition. when i knew i was going to write a book on this topic, i realized i wanted to back up the guidelines with sound research. i turned to a friend of mine, karen m. rider, who not only has some education in nuitrition, but is also a very thorough researcher!

although she would be the first to say she was initially skeptical, the more she delved into the science behind the guidelines, the more convinced she became that the Angels know what They're talking about. here is a quote from the sidebar she wrote in support of the article that's being printed in the Door Opener's summer issue:

"Intuitively, the guidelines for Eating, the Angel Way, make sense to me as they do to many others, especially light-workers. When I began collaborating with Annie on the ETAW project, I found it remarkable that all of the guidelines coincide with some of the very best nutritional science practices. I don’t mean trendy diet tips, either. I am referring to scientifically supported principles for what to eat and how to eat. The support is documented in research and books written by well-known physicians including, Dr. Dean Ornish (The Spectrum) and Dr. Mark Hyman (UltraMetabolism). Drs. Hyman and Ornish advise consumers to be aware of the glycemic load (not just the glycemic index) of the foods we eat. Both authors encourage us to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Both emphasize that we limit meat, processed and man-made molecules and genetically modified products from our diet."

Karen M. Rider


Kathy said...

I'm glad you've started this blog!

Martha said...

The Angels have it down to a "science". Thanks, Annie.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

This is such an interesting blog!