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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a question from my friend, patrice

... who said she wanted to try the angel way of eating, but didn't feel she was quite ready. here's what the Angels told me to say:

the Angels only want you to try eating like this when you are completely ready. it took me months and months before i was willing to try it myself. and when you ARE ready, you only have to committ to trying to eat like this two days in a row at first. that's it, and then you can quit and go back to eating any way you like and whatever you want. then when you think you want to try it again, give it another two days and stop. eventually, what happens is you start to realize how good you feel on the third day. but it is perfectly possible to follow this plan and only eat like this two days out of every seven.

the reason you can do this is because the Angels are more interested in helping you to pay attention to how you make your food choices than in what specifically you eat. the Angels are more interested in getting you to pay attention to your body and what it wants. eventually, what happened for me was that i began to realize how good i felt on the third day, and that if i wanted to continue to feel the benefits, all i had to do was keep eating this way. but even when i reached that point, the Angels encouraged me to eat like this 3 days out of every 4. it is very important to the Angels that you begin to distinguish the feelings in your body from how you feel when you are eating like this, and how you feel when you aren't.

now i eat like this 5-6 days out of every seven, but on the weekends i indulge as freely as i please. the longest i've ever been able to stay on a "strict" angelic diet is 13 days. on the 14th day i crashed. i ate several boxes of thin mints all myself or something equally appalling with very few repercussions. the Angels are NOT about deprivation and would far prefer everyone to indulge in their wildest appetites for just about anything than behave in a way that feels mean or depriving to anyone - and that very much includes YOU - for any reason.

chances are, if you are intrigued by the blog, the Angels are already Working on you.


DiPaola Momma said...

I'm going to start tomorrow when I grocery shop. I've lost all desire to do that Medifast thing and am feeling pulled towards this. Wish me luck. and thanks annie

Divaeva said...

*laughs* I am sure the angels are intrigued and consider me a challenge! With my new grill - I am grilling literally EVERYTHING! My new diet will consist of grilled aspargus, Vadalia oniona and Portabellos....still trying to figure out a way to grill oreos! ;)

Martha said...

Great insight, thanks Annie.

Kathy said...

I'm restarting this week. Again. It's good to know it's part of the plan.