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Monday, April 20, 2009

introductory post - part six

so what the f@$#k is "white food?"

i won't bore you with how long it took me to understand. that day, when i stuck my head in the refrigerator, and heard "white food" i suddenly saw a carton of french vanilla yogurt in front of me that i would've sworn hadn't been there when i opened the door. yogurt, of course, isn't only the ONLY "white food." it just happens to be one i really like and find most agreeable. i like to think it's a legacy of my days as a mongolian warlord. (and judy, it's not possible to be allergic to "white" foods in the sense the Angels use it.)

according to the Angels, "white foods" are complete protein foods. like white light which contains all colors of the spectrum, "white" foods contain the raw materials necessary for the body to manufacture and maintain all of its components. muscles, nerves, blood, and bone are all created by the body out of amino acids.... the kind you find in complete proteins. so "white" foods include not just eggs and yogurt, beef, fish, or poultry, they also include the various vegetarian combinations of grains and veggies that make up complete proteins. rice-and-beans are every bit as much a "white food" as chicken.

my journey to understand this message was a process over many months. in retrospect, it's a good thing the Angels began with that one small piece of information, because at first i took it literally, as many of my gentle readers did, and figured it meant i was supposed to exist on a diet of yogurt, eggs, and bananas. as you can imagine, that got boring, quickly. and so one day i found myself staring back into the fridge, asking... "isn't there anything else?"


Martha said...

Laughing at the vanilla yogurt as white food. Do you know your blood type?

Lynette said...

"White food" could have been taken as devoid of color--or is that all colors????? HUMM?
Currently I am still reminding myself I can eat when I am hungry instead of saying NO NO NO your fat so you must starve. Working on it.