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Thursday, April 30, 2009

another question from patrice

Why do the angels care about colors?

the reason the angels want us to think about food in terms of colors is that food doesn't just nourish us physically. it also nourishes us energetically. food colors correspond to the colors of our chakras. for example, an orange isn't just good for your body, it also helps to cleanse, balance and fortify your second chakra. this is why the angels want us to eat a variety of colors. not only does it make your plate, and your kitchen and your fridge very pretty... it also ensures that YOU start feeling pretty inside and out :).

one reason to create your initial chart is to see what colors you ARE eating and in what proportion. this may well help you address any energetic imbalances before they manifest as illnesses or chronic conditions. for example, my dear sister-in-spirit laura told me she realized she didn't like much yellow food, and never ate any. i suggested she try a banana - and now she loves them, as well as other yellow fruits and veggies :).

white foods are complete protein foods. complete proteins, like white light that contains all the colors of the spectrum, are what the body uses to restore ALL the tissues of the body. this is what makes them different from all the other colors.


Martha said...

So true, then you start craving colors. Gosh, I'm in the mood for some good Oxnard strawberries. Thanks, Annie, I appreciate your insight.

Judy Vars said...

Oh boy you made another blog. I have to start reading it from the begining. I love your angel way and find you very inspirational. But not tonight.

lettersfromlordship said...

Wow, I feel like a star! Or an angel.

Seriously, great stuff and great to have you as our conduit to the angels.

Yesterday I was inspired to add green and orange to my white entree. I have to go buy some more colors...

Kathy said...

I'm a little (lot) weak on chakras. Can you talk about that in a way I can understand?