Learn More About the Angel Way, Annie and Karen

Who are "the Angels?"

  Many cultures around the globe and throughout time have ascribed to a belief in "Angels" and even now, in this most skeptical - and fearful - age, 75% of Americans admit to such a belief.  From the time I was a small child, I was aware of the presence of other energies and entities.  Raised in a large Roman Catholic family, I heard my grandmother, my aunts, and my mother talk about angels,saints and the Blessed Mother as if they were relatives.  When I was very young, I used to see my room fill up with a golden-pink light every night as I was falling asleep.  I knew "my Angels" were there to watch over me. 

 However, as I grew older, I learned that other children and other people weren't aware of Angels in the way I was.  I learned that it was better not to mention anything They said to me, and it was better to pretend they weren't there.  By the time I was 9, I had mostly suppressed the ability to "see" the Angels.  I continued to receive guidance and messages even though I tried to pretend I didn't. 

A powerful series of messages regarding the birth of my brother, David, with Down's Syndrome, between the time I was 13 through 15, when he was finally born, refused to allow me to forget the connection entirely.  What I experienced was too "real" not to be true, or to be a figment of my imagination.   Thus, even though I continued to suppress any ability to communicate with the "Other Side," I couldn't lose that sense of true connection. 

Finally, in my thirties, I began to write.  I also began to acknowledge and embrace my extra-sensory abilities.  My spiritual journey took me many places, through Buddhism, feminist spirituality, Native American traditions and teachings, and many others.  As my spiritual awareness grew stronger, I began to once again experience the presence of Angels, spiritual Guides, and other extra-sensory entities and energies.

By the time I turned to the Angels for guidance around what kind of food I should eat, the idea of asking didn't seem so strange.  What took me by surprise was how quickly and accurately They answer and continue to answer.   When Karen and I began our work together, she asked me to define who these "Angels" are.  

"How do you know they're Angels?" she wanted to know.  "And who - or what - exactly do these 'Angels' say they are?" 

According to the Angels, They might be best understood as the "first emanation" of creation from the Creative Divine Source.  Just as the corona that surrounds our sun is the first layer of light emanating from it, the Angels stand in closest relationship to the Infinite Source of all things.  They are beings of pure love; They have never experienced a human life. 

Their purpose - among others - is to guide, teach, and assist humanity.  They are all around us and They are ready to help us any time we ask.  To the Angels, all of us are beautiful.  To the Angels, all of us are manifestations of some unique aspect of the Divine.  The Angels offer the Guidelines to help us deepen our awareness of our spiritual selves, as well as to help us heal our relationship to all that sustains us.