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Monday, November 9, 2009

what should i eat when im sick?

there's a lot of talk this winter about how to stay healthy. here's what the Angels suggest for if or when you do succumb:

what to eat when you are sick depends on what kind of illness you have. fluids, such as teas and clear broths, like chicken soup, are usually beneficial no matter what kind of bug you've got. for common colds and flus, to prevent them from becoming worse, nourish yourself with teas, juices, and chicken soup. chicken soup contains antibacterial agents that make it nature's antibiotic. additionally, teas with lemon, lemonade, and orange juice are all good for colds.

avoid heavy dairy foods - even yogurt can be too much when you are fighting a cold. a scrambled egg might be a good white-light food choice, for example. you don't want to tax your system, you want to stay hydrated and you want to ingest as many naturally derived vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as possible.

the Angels remain neutral on the use of supplements. however, for women especially, additional B vitamins - water soluble so they can't be o'd'd on... can be beneficial when you feel stressed or under assault from cold germs. sunlight is extremely important this time of year - 20 minutes between 10 and 2 with appropriate sunscreen depending on how fair you are is a good idea as often as you can.

chinese herbs such as astragulus root can be added to stews, soups, casseroles or teas. one good rule of thumb the Angels suggest we might all remember is that to strengthen the body's energetic system, strengthen the intensity of the colors you eat. cranberries, squashes, lemons, spinach and elderberries are examples of intensely colored foods in their chakra categories...and if all you ate were these five through the winter you'd be nourishing yourself quite well.