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Thursday, June 18, 2009

im so excited!

now that karen's back and operational - she has a great space to write! - she's chugging away at our proposal. it's just about DONE... and now... on to the manuscript itself! our hope is to have it in the mail to my agent by JUNE 30!!


Walk in the Woods said...

Wow! June 30? WOW! And woohoo too!!!

Kat said...

Holy Moses she better chugging away if you want that manuscript to your agent by June 30th ..... that's 12 DAYS!!!
Talk about hustle!

Martha said...

That is so exciting, I am delighted for you all and will send my positive vibes for the proposal.

Kathy said...


Lynette said...

rah rah shisk boom ba!



i am so proud of you
your a dynamo of a woman