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Monday, June 22, 2009

my rainbow weekend

i kept very close track all weekend. these amounts cover two days.. here's how i did:

RED: red grapes, tomatoes, apples
ORANGE: carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches
YELLOW: bananas, lemonade, corn
GREEN: lettuce, cucumbers, green grapes, sweet basil, coffee, tea
BLUE: blueberries, blackberries, purple onion, blueberry tea

BROWN: whole wheat bread cubes, french fries, coffee cake, baklava, bread crumbs on the chicken breast, vodka (1).

WHITE-LIGHT: yogurt (4), egg, pork chop (2), chicken breast, nuts in baklava

SWEET: baklava (dessert sat night) coffee cake (dessert sun night)

FAT: light cream in coffee, vinagrette dressing on salad, coffee cake, baklava, french fries, olive oil cooking chicken, butter on corn.

keeping track of my food in this way helps me visualize the full range of what i need to satisfy myself and enables me to set reasonable limits on the amounts of fat and sweets i choose to eat. also, i don't have any health conditions that might necessitate me including more perameters.

so... how about YOU?! :)


Martha said...

Father's Day dinner
White - grilled lobster
brown - rice
red - sauted sweet grape tomatoes w/basil, snack cherries
Green - peppermint tea, spirulina/wheatgrass
Orange- orange juice
Sweets - homemade triple fudge cake w/Real Buttercream chocolate frosting, fabulous if I do say so myself.

Walk in the Woods said...

Lots of green ... white also ... red in strawberries and lettuce even ... blue in eggplant, my fats are mostly olive oil, some coconut oil and a bit of butter ... and no shortage of whole-grain browns here. Some other blues (and more reds) in some of my tea blends ...

I see more color coming in soon, as the blueberries and currants come ripe ... followed by more garden color as the season progresses!

Moncha said...

Thank you so much for your visit.
Your rainbow diet sounds great. I don't know if I have enough colours in my diet, so I sure have to mind that !!
Have a magical weekend !!