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Thursday, June 11, 2009

the Angels on fear

an old chinese curse begins "may you live in interesting times." the times are certainly interesting, and change is in the wind.

for many people, the prospect of change brings fear, uncertainty, and gnawing anxieties of what-ifs and maybes and should-such-and-such-ever-come-to-pass. it is not an easy state of mind to endure, and the constant stress will literally eat away at your body.

for many people, states of anxiety and fear trigger old patterns, whether they are functional patterns or not. many of us slide back into these patterns not because we like how we behave or what happens when we engage in these patterns, but because they feel familiar and therefore, somehow, safe.

in such times, we may typically turn to grounding foods - those which are converted most readily into stored fat - to provide a sense of stabilizing energy, or a literal bulwark against the world. extremely sensitive people may build a visible boundary of extra fat around themselves to protect themselves from a world they feel all too keenly, and even the less sensitive will most likely be tempted to indulge.

when that happens, forgive yourself. the times ARE a'changing - major shifts are happening, planetary awareness is rising. if you feel buffeted by the events all around you, first of all, take heart - we are all in this together. i personally know no one in my immediate circle who is not feeling some direct effect of all the chaos that's happening all around us.

the Angels urge us to be gentle with ourselves. when we feel the urge to go faster, they suggest we slow down. when we feel the panic beginning to rise, they urge us to take deep breaths. they urge us to try to see the positive in every situation, to find the lesson and the grace. they know how difficult this is to do.

this is why they suggest we begin with nourishing ourselves. it was the first act of love we experienced as tiny infants - it is the most fundamental way we have of taking care of ourselves. when we hold ourselves in a vibration of true love - even true self-love (which is very different from selfishness) - it is impossible to be truly afraid. the antidote to fear is love.

red, orange and yellow foods - those that nourish, strengthen, balance and cleanse the first,second and third chakras - are all important to include in your diet when you feel fearful of outside events. it is also important to eat healthy grains in order to feel a sense of grounding and balance. fats in reasonable quantities are necessary to provide that "little cushion" without which life can feel quite hard, indeed. be kind to yourself - don't forget to add at least one daily treat for yourself. remember, chocolate is a green food! green foods nourish the heart chakra, and the heart chakra is the seat of love and self-acceptance.

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Lynette said...

off from home and falling off the diet wagon
but i am feeding the heart chakra for sure. lol