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Monday, May 11, 2009

what about fats?

we all need a little cushioning in our lives and natural fats in reasonable amounts are a necessary nutrient for healthy people with no medical conditions that would require them to limit their fat intake.

be aware that cravings for excessive amounts of fats - beyond the normal amounts called for in recipes and as condiments - may indicate as much of an emotional imbalance or spiritual imbalance as a physical one. however, those who avoid fat altogether without a medically necessary reason to do so are withholding something all bodies require in moderation and in some form.

i limit the fats i ingest to dairy fats, nut oils and olive oil. (as an example of how a food can be placed in a unique category for an individual, i also consider cheese a fat. thus, i eat only very limited quantities of a food that for many people deserves its own group.) because fats are a tricky area for many people and many medical conditions can be affected by one's intake, you may need to consult your medical professional to determine a healthy level and what forms of fats are right for you.

however, a simple way to begin can be by eliminating as much as possible all artifical fats from your diet and using only naturally derived fats instead. you may find a smaller amount of the real thing is sufficient to satisfy your appetite.


Kathy said...

Yup, I'd rather have a small amount of real sour cream than any fat-free stuff. I can eat low fat cream cheese, though. I just call it Neufchatel and make myself think I'm fancy.

Martha said...

So true, reminds of a dear surgeon/nutritionist friend of mine,
"It's better to trust a cow over a chemist anyday!"