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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello, Angel Way Sisters from Karen M. Rider

Greetings Angel Way Sisters!

This is Karen Rider, Annie's research assistant/collaborator/co-author. Annie has mentioned my name a few times, so we thought it time for me to formally introduce myself to all of you wonderful gals :)

ETAW is an amazing synthesis of divine guidance on loving your WHOLE BEING and sound nutritional guidance. How do I know this? For one, I trust Annie and the wisdom that comes to her from the celestial realm. Second, my educational and professional background is in the health sciences: A B.S. from Penn State University in Exercise Science (physiology, nutrition, wellness, fitness, sports psych, etc) and an M.A. in Psychology (University of Hartford)-concentrations in research methods and health psych. I've worked as a personal trainer, fitness director, wellness program manager, behavioral health research assistant among others. Third, like Annie (and I gather many of you), I have had many years devoted to the struggle with body image, self image, and disordered eating-- to include a diagnosed eating disorder that I suffered with for more years than I care to think about ..... which lost its power over me some 12 or so years ago.

As you may have read from Annie, whom I've know a few years, I was skeptical about Angels communicating about the nourishment of the human body. Because of the trust I have in Annie and her intuitive skills, I gave a serious look at the messages. At the same time, I was interviewing Caroline Myss, Dean Ornish, MD, and Mark Hyman, MD for articles and interviews I write for various holistic publications (yes, I'm a writer, too... I also write fiction, like Annie).

In conjunction with what I knew from my own experience and education, I was astounded to find that these Angel Way guidelines so remarkably align with current nutrition/health science recommendations for eating, exercise, and self-care. I was hooked. I encouraged Annie to continue, with confidence, spreading the message while I went to work on research and supporting documentation for ETAW. We are synthesizing these facets of ETAW -- celestial wisdom and modern science--to present to an agent/publisher in the next few weeks

This post is long enough... but I don't get to post too often because I am also the mother of two incredible daughters-- under age 4-- wife to a pretty terrific fellow--and trying to write, research and move to a new house. So, if you have specific questions that Annie passes on to or consults about with me, please be patient... I will respond in as timely a manner as is (humanly) possible!

In the mean time, please look for one of our first exposures for ETAW... an article from Inner Tapestry Holistic Journal (you can subscribe to it or check out new issues on line at http://www.innertapestry.org/ my column is Destination Healing Southern New England.
the Angel Way article will be up in june!

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