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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"brown" foods - a definition

grains and starchy vegetables - corn and potatoes - are included in brown foods. these foods contain necessary vitamins, minerals and plant-proteins essential to a balanced diet, and for many people, "brown" foods form the basis of their diet. bread, in all its myriad forms, is quite literally the staff of life for most people around the world. the energy of "brown" foods is different from the energy of rainbow-colored foods, and from that of "white-light" foods.

you may remember that complete protein foods such as eggs are called "white-light" foods by the Angels because - like white light that contains all the colors of the spectrum - these foods provide the material to enable our to repair and replace dead and damaged cells of all types. rainbow-colored foods - fruits, veggies, herbs and spices - nourish our energy centers, or as many commonly call them - our chakras.

"brown" foods are the foods that nourish the link between our physical bodies and our energy bodies. the energy of brown foods is grounding, and many times when we are not feeling grounded - for any reason at all - we turn to brown foods. brown foods also nourish our boundaries, as well as our ability to both integrate into our environments and to remain apart from it - to be IN the world, but not OF it.

the ability to remain grounded, to be balanced, to feel part of one's environment but not be buffeted by it, are critical to our happiness. cravings for "brown" foods, therefore, can indicate, among other things, a need or a wish to create a boundary or a buffer between ourselves and a world we don't understand, but feel all too intensely.

it is not enough, say the Angels, for most of us to simply understand the role "brown" foods play in our diet. in order to make truly healthy choices about the kinds of foods to eat, we need to understand the energy each food contains and how it nourishes us.

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Martha said...

Your discussion of brown foods brings to mind "Brown Fat" which infants need to keep them warm and is part of the metabolic engine of both adults and children.
Time for some carbs, thanks, Annie!!