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Monday, May 11, 2009

questions to ask yourself

as you keep track of your foods, it may be that you notice various patterns emerging. begin to keep track of your mental and emotional states as they relate to the food you eat, what's going on in your world when you eat and prepare your food. in other words, become aware of the state of your body/mind as you nourish it.

is there a color you don't eat a lot of? you might want to take some time and examine the chakra that it relates to. is there a color you seem to crave? i can never get enough blue or purple foods i sometimes feel, for example. i LOVE blueberries and lavendar tea. this makes sense to me because in my work as an intuitive medium, its critical that i keep my upper chakras balanced and clear.

or, you may notice that at certain times of the year, you tend to emphasize certain colors and foods as the seasons change. i always crave orange foods in fall for some reason - i cant seem to get enough sweet potatoes and squash. how do the seasons affect your eating habits, and how do you feel at these times? are these high energy times or low energy times? we all need time for rest and recuperation, so periods of low energy aren't necessarily negative as long as they're balanced by periods of higher energy.

how about cravings? what foods do you crave and when? how do you feel about yourself when you crave them? do you try to substitute something that the culture approves as "more acceptable?" or do you give in to the craving, but make yourself feel bad about doing so?

these are all questions to consider asking yourself as you begin to rebuild the links back to your own core of body wisdom.

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