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Monday, May 11, 2009

men are like raindrops; women are like snowflakes

one of the first pieces of information the Angels shared with me was the reason why so many women in particular have difficulty sifting through the myriad of information regarding diet, health and exercise currently available. the problem is that most women don't understand how uniquely different our individual body chemistries are, not only from men, but from each other.

because men's bodies do not contain the exquisite systems needed to support the creation of human life, their bodies are not calibrated as acutely or as distinctly as a woman's. It is much easier for traditional science and allopathic medicine to identify what amounts of nutrients support the male metabolism, because men's individual differences vary across a much narrower range of normal than women's do.

men,therefore, are like raindrops - they come bigger or smaller, but they're pretty much the same.

women, on the other hand, are like snowflakes - far more complex, far more unique and varying across a much broader spectrum of what is "normal." just because something "works" for your mother, your sisters, your cousins or best friends doesn't mean it's going to sit quite the same with YOU. certainly you may react to some things in the same way, but even blood relationships aren't necessarily enough to predict that two women will require the same amount of anything on any given day.
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Martha said...

This is true of some many things, especially pathology and disease. Heart disease, response to chemotherapy in Cancer all vary amongst the sexes.
Good stuff, GA.