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Saturday, May 30, 2009

raising your vibration

everything is energy, and all energy vibrates. our energy bodies have a vibration that varies throughout each day. when our vibration is high, we not only have more energy and feel better, we also feel greater access to spirit as well as equanimity about the challenges we face in our lives.

there are many ways to raise one's vibration, but some of the easiest and best ways are appropriate and loving self-care. spending time out of doors, eating well and indulging in gentle exercise - walking or dancing, for example, nothing too harsh or hard or mean - are all ways to stabilize and begin to raise your own vibratory rate. sleep is also helpful (but stressing about getting enough is not!)

eating a full rainbow - all five colors - at least once each day will help to cleanse, balance and nourish your chakras, or the energy centers of your body. brown foods stabilize and ground, white-light foods infuse your physical body with all the raw materials it requires to function. overeating too much of any one kind of food automatically creates a vibrational imbalance. this is why it is really helpful to pay attention and to be mindful of what you eat, when you eat it, and in what form you eat it in.

other ways include bathing in salt water, working with plants or animals or the creation of any form of art. paying attention to your dreams and working with them - whether through the creation of a dream journal or other form of conceptualization is another way to enhance your connection to your own sense of the Divine.

one of the most effective ways, albeit one of the most potentially painful and difficult, is to allow yourself to confront all the nasty, dark, ugly places of your being. we all experience negative emotions - jealousy, envy, anger, fear - and yet most of us would prefer to pretend we do not.

this saddens the Angels, because They love even our angry selves, our fearful selves, our jealous selves. these parts of us are all part of the human experience and to deny these parts is to deny an integral part of our journey here. there are many techniques - from talk therapy to more indigenous practices such as feeding the demons in tibetan buddhism - which encourage and enable us to make friends with all sides of our Selves.

do not, say the Angels, be afraid to embrace the scared, hurt, lonely, misunderstood, starved, you. the deeper you heal, the higher your vibration goes.


Martha said...

Another great and stimulating post, dare I say of high vibrational energy??
I think once I acknowledged my dark places and shadows that I was able to really embrace the love and light the Angels have to share.
I love my brokenness, it's where the light gets in.

Lynette said...

thanks for the reminder that all my going is a vibration--thus i am exercising

Femin Susan said...

I agree with lynette
thanks for the reminder that all our going is a vibration