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Sunday, May 31, 2009

what happens when i fall off the Angel wagon?

i'll be the first to admit this isn't always easy.

it requires some planning, some forethought, some patience. it works best for me if i plan my food a few days in advance, if i shop with a list and a sense of a menu. sometimes i forget to eat, sometimes i get pressed for time or hormonal or upset, and if i haven't planned ahead of time, i find myself making... well, let's say call them less than loving choices.

this is why the Angels suggest to begin slowly, to be patient, to expect to eat this way no more than two days at a time. it's not easy to stay practiced and focused and aware.

it's not easy to change the attitudes and beliefs and limitations that have been imposed and created over a lifetime and the older i get, the harder i see it is.

so sometimes, even i fall off the Angel wagon.

and then what happens?

well, first of all, i don't tell myself i'm bad or stupid or fat or undisciplined. i tell myself im human and that i needed the break for whatever reason i had at the time. i tell myself it's okay not to be "perfect." i try to remember if i enjoyed what i ate, and if i didn't, i resolve to have better food available for when i need it next time.

and then i plan to follow the guidelines as closely as i can for at least the next two or three days, or, as soon as i can. the Angels never seem to run out of patience or out of love. the Angels never berate me or make me feel bad. the Angels simply offer loving reassurance of Their presence and may slip in a suggestion or two of what i might have been looking for in my time off the path.

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