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Monday, May 11, 2009

tips on how to meditate

find a place that is quiet. outside is wonderful but only if you don't mind bugs :). i recommend a comfortable chair or sofa. sit comfortably - don't lie down unless you want to fall asleep.

the easiest way to meditate is to first bring your attention to your breathing. you can keep your eyes open, while focusing on a candle flame for example, or tree, a seashell, a crystal, whatever pleases you, really - or you can close them. simply focus on your breathing for maybe 10 to 20 breaths.

if another thought comes into your mind, acknowledge it and allow it to pass. (for example, your mental dialogue may sound something like this - what shall i have for dinner? oh yes, im thinking about dinner. now im going to thnk about my breathing again. did i remember to call so and so? oh yes im thinking aobut so and so. now im going to think about my breathing) bring your attention back to your breath.

after 10 to 20 breaths, begin to check in with your body. start with your toes, and work up... or start with where you feel tension. notice where you are tense or stresses or not relaxed, and breathe relaxation into these areas. then work your way up your body. if intrusive thoughts start to enter, deal with them as described above. usually if you are intensely focused on your body, the thoughts stop, because your brain really gets interested in itself.

your brain NEEDS the infomration from your body like a junkie needs heroin. it THRIVES on the body's wisdom. allowing it to REALLY pay attention should feel good. however, don't let your awareness be highjacked by your brain, either. notice where the tension is, the constriction, the stress, then allow it to pass as you move up or over your body. (for example - maybe i should call the doctor about this funny pain in my knee... yes let's remember that later and now let's think about our thigh.)

when you reach your head, consciously allow your mind to go as blank as you can...,.. visualize a big gray void, or a blank tv screen or a big sky or outer space - whatever stands for BLANK in your head - even a blank sheet of paper or a computer screen for those of us who are writers or internet addicts :).

breathe with the blankness for as long as you can... alllow anything that comes through the blankness to come through - sort of like you're waiting in front of a movie screen for the movie to start. you can also ASK for guidance to come through, or information - (should i call the doctor about the funny pain in my knee? no, just do your yoga more consistently.)

when you are ready... usually your body will start to feel twitchy,,, bring your awareness back to your body.. start with the top of your head and work down. when you reach your feet, take a few deep breaths, open your eyes and stretch - a few yoga stretches are always great if you know them.

this is a fairly simple practice i have done for years. you can buy cd's to help you get started and if you can only do the breathing for a few breaths and then you have to quit, that's okay. try to do a litlte longer every day. i find 20 mintes is as much as i can do at any one time. if i don't come out of it, i fall asleep. (which is why i very seldom have trouble sleeping, i think.. i can always put myself back to sleep.)

you may want to create a small ritual to help prepare your body-mind for this experience. for example, i always turn off the phone, go to the bathroom, wash my hands and rinse them with cold water and salt. then i light a white sage leaf, and as the smoke and scent surround me, i ask that my meditation be filled with love, and any information that the angels need me to know flow freely into me.

you can use an essential oil dabbed onto your wrists, and third eye in a scent you really like - lavendar or even vanilla extract can do ... or cinnamon. in the room i meditate, i light a candle. sometimes i use a meditation CD - there are many on the market. i really like Mara Freeman's Kindling the Celtic Spirit CD. then i settle into a comfortable sitting position - not lying unless i intend to fall asleep. sometimes i use singing bowls or chanting meditation as background, but usually i prefer the sound of the birds and the chuckle of the waterfall.

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Martha said...

I practice moving meditation also, but it all begins and ends with the breath.