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Sunday, May 17, 2009

a rainbow idea from kathy

this one is too good not to share! thank you so much, kathy... this is a GREAT idea and one i am definitely going to try. i can just imagine all the endless possiblities you could come up for this one!

"One time-saver I do have: the rainbow chopped veggie mix. I chop tomatoes, peppers (more colors if I have them), onions, canned beets & celery. I mix these with corn & shredded carrots. I keep this in the fridge and can throw it in a tuan or chicken salad, an omelete, a breakfast burrito, pasta, lettuces, etc. etc. I hate chopping, so if it's there already I'm more likely to use it."

a rainbow veggie mix sounds so good! a drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt would help this keep... a few herbs and a bit of balsamic vinegar make it a salad all by itself. any other combinations you can think of?


Lynette said...

great idea
do this in small batches and put in freezer bags
then you can freeze them and not worry about them going bad
now this will only work if your using them for cooking not to eat fresh

Kat said...

sounds good - I do this type of thing while setting up for Sunday's dinner salad - then keep it in the fridge to use in salad or for my breakfast during the week. I have been finding that other members of the family have been "snitching" some of mom's salad - surprising how that works.

Love the idea of adding some olive oil, sea salt and herbs to keep it fresh (or as a salad alone) even if mine usually only lasts 2 or 3 days max.

Shades of Scorpio said...

Oh that IS a great idea!!! How many days does that keep?

Stacie said...

Great idea!!! I'm going to do it! Thanks for sharing. :-)