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Monday, May 11, 2009

seeing your Self the Angel Way

the Angels love our bodies as much as They love any other part of us. where we see division, they see seamless creation. where we see imperfection, They see the infinite diversity of Spirit made manifest. While we tend to focus on what we perceive to be flaws, the Angels are as dazzled by the unique miracle that is our human body as we are by the Angels. because for all that the Angels are, They lack the experience of physical incarnation.

thus, They are saddened when we criticise ourselves or punish ourselves or in any way try to manipulate our bodies with anything but love. when we treat our bodies with respect for its true nature, the Angels rejoice.

this is an exercise the Angels shared with me during a meditation when i was first beginning to pay attention. i found it to be a very powerful experience, and i invite you to try it.

sit comfortably in a quiet place undisturbed. you may play soft music if you wish, burn a candle or light some sage. turn off your phone and minimize all distractions. take your dominant hand, and hold it. begin to breath gently, in and out, rhythmically and slowly. don't force the breath, just allow it to flow in and out of your body according to its own need.

as you breathe, simply observe your hand. look at each finger, at each nail, at each line. consider each scar, each freckle, each fold and wrinkle. imagine the tiny bones and capillaries beneath the skin. imagine how they are connected to the rest of you, how threads of nerves weave across your fingertips, your palms, up your arm into your brain, so that all the various parts of your hand together form an exquisitely seamless symphony of mind and movement.

do not judge your hands, simply allow thoughts to come and go as they enter your mind. remember how competent your hands are, how unthinkingly you use them. imagine all the amazing things your hands have allowed to do in the last twenty four hours, in the last week, in the last month and year.

the last time you gazed on your hand with this much attention was probably when you were less than six months old, a tiny baby, discovering this miracle attached to you. how you have used this hand since has been entirely up to you, but it came to you simply as a gift, a physical manifestation of Spirit. the Angels rejoice in the miracle of your hand, and invite you to rejoice along with them.

the Angels suggest you spend time in this way with each part of your body, slowly, gently, in the order in which you are ready. if you find that this exercise is difficult for you for any reason, the Angels urge you to seek the help of a qualified professional in order to heal and resolve whatever woundings you may have received as fully and as deeply as you can.


Martha said...

This is such a wonderful exercise to help in fostering appreciation for the wonderful machinery we are blessed with. Beauty truly emanates from within.

Judy Vars said...

Thank the Angels for me.
This exercize is a powerful experience.