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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the Angels on water

water is what we are mostly made of, and water is an extremely important part of our diets. sometimes what we perceive to be hunger is actually thirst, and factors such as temperature, humidity levels and certain foods or ingested substances, such as caffiene, can dehydrate us without our awareness.

therefore, the Angels suggest we pay attention to how much we drink and what we drink as much as what we eat. while many diets urge us to "drink more water" or to drink a certain amount of water, convenient access to potable water is relatively recent in human history. therefore, it's not so much WATER we should pay attention to as LIQUID.

our bodies require a certain amount of liquid nourishment, just as they do solid nourishment. and as with solid food, there's a range from healthier choices to not-so healthy choices from which to choose. if you enjoy water, if you have access to a source of fresh spring water, for example, or you enjoy the taste of your local or filtered water, then by all means, drink water. however, teas - especially herbal teas, but be wary of any diuretic capablities - coffee, lemon- or limeade, seltzer water or club soda, and fruit juices are all acceptable alternatives for those of us who shudder at the thought of downing gallons of water.

for example, i brew myself a pot of tea every morning, and then another at lunch. i drink the tea throughout the day. my mother used to say i always had a glass in my hand - i still do, but now its usually a mug!

in terms of how much to drink, and when, the standard answer "when you're thirsty" is really the best answer; the trouble is that it can be very hard to know if you're thirsty before you're almost dangerously dehydrated! therefore, plan to drink something nourishing - a glass of water, a cup of tea, a club soda and cranberry - at least every three hours along with your meal or snack. then plan to take at least one extra cup or mug or bottle along with you afterwards to sip between.

and the Angels do gently suggest to avoid, if at all possible, water in plastic bottles. the plastic is not at all healthy and the water absorbs very dangerous chemicals.

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Martha said...

Something to keep in mind is that certain herbal teas interact w/prescription medications.
For example, peppermint tea and Reflux meds can result in problems. Also, ginseng or ginkgo teas can cause excess thinning of the blood when taken with anti.coagulants.
Excellent post and point that thirst is a VERY late sign of need for hydration. I drink about 6 cups of herbal tea per day, 3 cups strong hair on your chest coffee, milk, juices, and water!! I gave up soda 15 years ago and my skin has never looked better, and I'm 47. That is one immediate payoff the Angels bestow upon us when we hydrate effectively!!