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Monday, May 18, 2009

online food diaries

over the time i've been telling people about the Angel Way messages, many of the people who've tried the guidelines tell me about the importance of keeping a food and activities journal (or diary or list or whatever you want to call the means by which you keep track of what you eat!)

i know firsthand it's much easier to follow the guidelines if i'm keeping at least a list of what i eat and what time i eat it. it's also helpful to do so with a community of kindred spirits.

my friend stacie suggested separate blogs may work for some people and could be linked to this one if so desired. so... angel-way-eaters... would anyone care to join in?


Granny Annie said...

I am keeping a food journal and find it very helpful. It sounds like a good idea to have a separate blog about what we eat, but I'm afraid I wouldn't keep it up very well.

Bonnie said...

I'm with GA....I can't even keep up with a handwritten one.