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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the Angels on being outdoors

it's important to spend time every day out of doors. our bodies need sunlight and fresh air. we know this, and yet for many of us, outdoors is something we experience in between rushing from place to place, from house to car to office to school to car to house to store... you get the idea. even i find myself very guilty at times, of not spending time outdoors.

i'm not sure what stops me - maybe it's a sense of all the things i feel i "should" be doing if im out there - maybe it's the sense i "shouldn't" be outside goofing off. but even here in chilly new england it's finally spring.

today the Angels suggest that we turn off our computers, put down our tasks and take as few as five minutes to simply sit outside. close your eyes, feel the light - or the rain - and breathe. if you are fortunate enough to live in a place where you can be relatively undisturbed, take whatever time you can give to yourself to release whatever stress you might feel yourself holding. with every in-breath, imagine yourself breathing in relaxation and love, and with every out-breath, imagine yourself breathing out any worries. do this every day, for at least five minutes if at all possible, and preferably, before engaging in any stressful task.

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Martha said...

I call this a "Nature Deficit Disorder". Many things are relieved with a dose of fresh air, sunshine, the sound and sight of running water, trees and flowers. Mostly, it's a reminder of our connection to all living things.

Kathy said...

I think I'll take the babies outside in a little while. After my nap. I mean their nap.

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