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Friday, October 16, 2009

seventh guideline - everyone needs a little cushion

the Angels want us to understand this literally as well as figuratively. everyone needs a little cushion, in terms of resources - of all kinds.

according to the Angels, fat is not bad. fat serves important functions within the body. it helps regulate our temperature by keeping us warm, it helps provide cushioning in between our joints. the intake of fat signals our bodies that we are full. this is one reason low-fat foods can make us eat more calories.

just as with sweets, its not the fact we want to eat fatty foods that's the problem - it's the kind of fat we eat. fats like those found in olive oil, dairy products, and nuts are preferable to the artifical kind like margarine.

the Angels urge us to take the time to understand why we crave the foods we do. if you find yourself craving foods that are high in unhealthy fats, perhaps you may wish to examine if there are areas in your life where you might feel the need for a bit of "cushioning." (you can read about how food cravings can be a signal of other energetic issues or needs in the post entitled Here's An Example...)

there may be other ways to "feed" this need than with food. for example, creating a rainy day fund by putting aside every five dollar bill you get, might be one way to create another kind of "cushion" in an area where most people would like to have extra padding. or, another area where many people can feel squeezed is time - so scheduling more time between activities may be another way to create a "cushion."

as we begin to make these kinds of connections and observations about our lives, we may become more aware of why we make the choices we do about food. by becoming more aware, we can learn to make the healthier, nourishing choice more often than not.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Funny ... just yesterday I craved sweetness. I grabbed a couple dried dates from a jar and was soooo satisfied by it that the experience - the date - harnessed my attention. So ... I paused ...

I honored the sweetness, texture and mouth-feel, like an exceptionally "good" piece of chocolate. I honored that it was, as sweet treats go (these days), a nourishing and sustaining one. A sweet choice, to my way of thinking!