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Thursday, October 1, 2009

fourth guideline: eat a rainbow every day and a white-light food at every meal

this guideline is probably the single most important to help us understand exactly what it is we "should" be eating. if you do nothing else good for yourself in a day, the Angels urge you to consider eating at least one "rainbow" - ie, a food in one of each of five colors - a day.

the reason is because colorful foods - fruits, veggies, herbs and spices - all nourish and restore not just our physical bodies - they also help to balance and refresh each of our seven chakras. (the Angels are talking about the natural colors of foods... not those artificially added! rainbow skittles don't count!)

examples of red foods include raspberries and tomatoes, orange foods include peaches and carrots. yellow foods include things like bananas and parsnips and yellow onions; green foods include broccoli, spinach and limes. blue/black/purple foods are harder to find and include eggplant or aubergines, purple onions and lavendar. try to include one of each color at least once a day. if you are feeding small children, it can be fun to encourage them to "eat a rainbow."

i find it rewarding to see how many complete rainbows i can fit into my daily diet. the most i've ever been able to do was four - and that was on vacation in hawaii. the more i eat, however, the better i feel, and most days' menus include at least two full "rainbows" for me. even when im not as careful about sweets, fats or brown foods, i find that the more "rainbows" i eat, the better i feel in general.

"white-light" foods are how the Angels describe complete protein foods. i'll share more about this, and why the Angels feel these foods are so important, in the next post.


Divaeva said...

oh Annie - I wish I had your will power! Here is my rainbow -
Red = Swedish fish MMMM!
Orange = me new favorite hershey kiss - pumpkin spice or candy corn
Yellow = cheese - any cheese...cheese is yummy ... I <3 cheese!
Green = pesto sauce mmmmm!
Blue = blueberry freeze pops come to mind first *yum*
Indigo = nothing comes to mind...except licorice, and I hate licorice! but licorice is black... whatever?!
Violet = yummy Purple drink from http://www.drinkpurple.com/
White (or clear) grain alcohol - or vodka! (and cheese!)

annie kelleher said...

at least you're thinking in rainbows!!!! there's hope!!!!