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Saturday, October 3, 2009

here's an example...

of how food and cravings can be connected energetically to something else.

just yesterday i was having lunch with my friend ruth. in the course of our conversation, she described a situation in which she Listened to Guidance, and made a business decision based on what she felt she was being Told to do. unfortunately, the other people involved weren't up for the Challenge (not unlike my own former business associate) and backed out, leaving my friend holding the proverbial bag containing merchandise worth over $700. as a result, she was questioning herself, questioning her relationship with her Guides and Angels, and questioning her ability to pay her bills for the next month.

then she asked me why she might be craving fresh yellow corn, right off the stalk.

last night i ate six ears, annie, she confided. why in the world might i do that?

the answer is in the situation she described. my friend works hard to cultivate her relationship with Spirit, and tries to Listen as best she can. her solar plexus chakra - the seat of identity and boundaries and personal power - suffered quite a hit. when i pointed out the connection, ruth immediately saw how her sudden craving for fresh yellow corn is linked to this sudden blow to her energetic center. by doing other things to help balance and heal this essential part of her energetic body, ruth felt confident she would be able to alleviate - or at least control - this sudden craving.

not all cravings have such clear connections, but on reflection, many of us might find we crave things that can be traced to needs that are more metaphorical than physical.

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Martha said...

So true and I hope things work out for your friend, Ruth.