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Sunday, October 4, 2009

do the Angels want us to be vegetarian?

this question came in via google, and it's a good one. it doesn't have a simple answer.

in my meditations, the most important thing that comes through is that the Angels want us to love our bodies, to treat ourselves with compassion and kindness and gentleness, and then, from that place, treat others with the same kindness, gentleness, compassion and respect.

it's much easier to love your neighbors as yourself when you understand what it truly means to love yourself.

the short answer to the question is no - the Angels recognize that just as there are cultures where vegetarian or vegan cuisine may be more the cultural norm, there are also those where meat is the preferred or most common source of protein and other nutrients. the Angels also recognize that some people, for example, young girls and young women, may crave red meat and the nutrients it contains. for these people, it's hard to be a vegetarian.

on the other hand, just as the Angels would like us to treat ourselves with compassion and love, They would also like to see us at some point extend the same respect to ALL natural forms, including animals, plants, and the planet itself on which we all live.

as you follow the Guidelines, you may find, as i did, and as many others who have incorporated them into their lives, that you are naturally drawn to eating more vegetarian meals. for one thing, you become more sensitive to the energies contained within the food itself. it is dismaying and possibly even painful for sensitive people to ingest foods that contains the vibrations of fear and pain. it is no secret that the "food industry" treats livestock like widgets, and that many of the animals we eat spend their lives in pain and horrible distress. on the other hand, plant foods that've been genetically modified and otherwise manipulated, don't feel so great either.

so what's a sensitive, spiritually minded person to do? eat with awareness. at the very least, make a ritual before each meal to silently thank the people who worked to raise, bring and prepare the food, and, if applicable, the animals who gave their lives so that you may eat. then, if you really want to honor the Angels and all creation, do something to make the world a better place, no matter how small or insignificant your action may seem.

one grain at a time, say the Angels, ants move mountains.


Martha said...

Hmm, thoughtful post. Eating with intention, such a good thing to consider.

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