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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Angel Way for Moms (in a hurry!)

I've really been struggling with the balancing act these past few weeks. My girls are at two different developmental stages and my mind is persistently split in two directions.

We always seem to be on the go, even on the days that I don't plan to go anywhere or to take a trip to the library. We're eating on the road, in between activities, and I'm not enjoying, not even tasting, most of what passes my lips. I'm not use to this and I don't like it. Even when I choose healthy foods, I'm totally out of synch with the process of honoring and enjoying-- and I rarely feel satisfied by anything. (Thank heavens I can stay away from sweets with ease or I'm sure i'd have packed on the pounds). I miss the colors of summer, the fruits of the season; i am struggling to get a daily rainbow in my diet, when I was eating 3 a day! As a result, I'm gettting run down, sick and tired more often.

The other day, my three year old says to me "Mommy you need to eat more rainbows so you can have a healthy body and not be so fussy." 

So, how do we Mom's eat the Angel Way-- even in a hurry?  I'd love to hear from you and I'll be back with some ideas of my own, as well as Annie.



Walk in the Woods said...

Not being a mom I can't offer much here ... but I'll see if I can rally a few moms here!

annie kelleher said...

i guess the first thing i'd ask is... where are you going and what are you doing that you are running yourself around ragged?