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Friday, October 2, 2009

fourth guideline (part two) - and "white-light" food at every meal

"white light" food, i wondered, when this message first came to me. what is white light food?

the Angels explained that white-light foods are complete protein foods. just as white light contains all the colors of the spectrum, white-light foods contain all the basic building blocks of all the body's structures. the analogy They showed me was that to neglect to put enough complete-protein foods into your body while feeding it every thing else, was like putting gasoline into a leaky gas tank in a car. yes, you can make the engine run but you're making an awful mess and wasting a lot of gas. better to fix the tank first.

in order to make more of itself, in order to repair and heal the tissues of the body, the body needs its raw materials. these are found in complete protein foods, which include meats, eggs, and dairy products. however, combinations of grains and legumes and nuts, such as rice-and-beans, create complete-proteins out of plant proteins. it is perfectly possible to use the Angel Guidelines to create a vegetarian or vegan diet.

one of my health issues this summer uncovered the fact that my gall bladder meridian was inflamed, and one of my challenges this fall has been to incorporate more vegetarian proteins into my diet and to eat less meat. however, i continue to eat a white-light food at every meal, such as yogurt, eggs or a combination of plant proteins.

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Walk in the Woods said...

I was slow in feeding myself this morning, but when I prepared to do so I knew that garden work was in immediate future and that some angelic energy would be a benefit.

I fixed a boiled egg, mixed some rasp/blackberry juice mixed in plain yogurt and served it with a quarter of a cantaloupe ... red, orange, blue and beautiful white light.

I see green (a daily must for me) and yellow in my dinner tonight. I wonder what it will be? :)