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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why Begin Slowly

If you are anything like me, you probably look forward to starting something new that you hope will be good for you with a lot of enthusiasm. When I decide I'm going to do something or learn something or change a habit, I always begin with a lot of energy and determination. I know I throw my whole self into the process, focusing with everything I've got in order to succeed. Even as I tell myself that Rome wasn't built in a day, I'm still determined to get a lot of it built as quickly as possible.

How long that enthusiasm, energy and determination lasts is another story.

And the Angels know this.

When I first asked for Divine Guidance around food, the initial Answer was just a very small piece of what has become the Ten Guidelines. Eventually, when I had received most of the information, I asked these loving Guides and Guardians why it had taken Them so long to give me the information when it was really so very simple.

The answer was that They "fed" me the information in the same way a baby is ideally fed: slowly and with small bites. The seeming randomness of the information was not indicative of disordered thinking - to the Angels, it was a result of my explorations into my own relationship with food. as a baby might decide to try mashed potatoes on an orange, for example, or peas in ice cream, the Angels had given me answers in the way I could most easily receive them and at the time I was ready for them. Just as you don't offer an infant a steak dinner, no matter how delicious you know it is, the Angels didn't feed me information until I was ready to ingest it.

This process is not meant to be a quick fix. It is not meant to tell you what or how or when to eat. The purpose of this process is to bring you into closer alignment with a sense of your own needs, and how to fulfill those needs in the healthiest and most loving ways available to you. When we feel loved and fulfilled and nurtured and nourished, it is much easier to turn that love and kindness on to the world around us.

We are not all just loved, we ARE love. the energy of the universe is Love. All of us - no matter the color of our skins or the conditions of our bodies - are emanations and manifestations of the Divine Source that is the ultimate basis for everything there is.

The Angels see how cut off from joy the experience of eating has become for so many of us. This sense of hunger that pervades so many of our souls is a symptom and a manifestation of our need to reconnect and rekindle that relationship with what was intended to be every being's birthright - that sense of connectedness to the Divine Source of all, that constant awareness that the Divine is not just around us or with us, but within us, and within every being we meet.

Or, as the Angels put it, it is easier to recognize God in another when you can see Her in yourself.

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