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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guideline #3 and why it might be okay if you're a "picky" eater

One of the great puzzles confronting every woman I have ever discussed food or dieting with is the fact that every diet, every food plan, every philosophy or style or even cuisine, seems to affect every woman differently. It seems natural and logical to turn to those closest to you of the same sex – in age, blood relationship, or socio-economic status – in order to discern what will keep you feeling energized and well-nourished while maintaining a healthy weight.

But it’s not.

I can’t tell you the number of diets, food plans and lifestyle approaches I’ve tried, let alone the advice and recommendations of friends and family. Some approaches and some of the advice have “worked” – sort of. On some diets, I’ve definitely lost weight. But what if you don’t necessarily want or need to lose weight? What if you just want to make peace with the skin you’re in?

That’s the place I reached when I turned to Divine Guidance for help in figuring it out. And when I asked the Angels why it seemed especially difficult for women to figure out what to eat, They responded with one of my favorite answers: “Men are like raindrops; women are like snowflakes.”

In other words, men and women don’t just vary from each other metabolically – the range of what is normal varies across a much broader of spectrum for women than it does for men. Thus, it can be harder for women to discern what helps them feel best.

In conducting research on the scientific reasons why this could be so, Karen found that there is no standard recipe for each of us to follow when it comes to the relationship between food and your body—its many physiological processes and mental-emotional states (moods). In her book, Energy Medicine for Women, Donna Eden explains that the same food combinations that cause one woman lose weight, or otherwise feel her best can easily cause another woman to feel sluggish, moody or to gain weight.

For many of women, the media, and even testimony from trusted friends and family members, creates an expectation about how their bodies should respond to a particular way of eating or exercise. Wellness expert Kathy Freston, in her book Quantum Wellness, points out that many women blindly accept that certain foods are supposed to affect them in a certain way: “Eating consciously means not blindly accepting that certain foods are good for you simply because they are marketed that way.”

The Angels wish all of us to appreciate ourselves as the unique manifestations of the Divine and to our individual bodies – whatever its quirks - as expressions of that Divine Source in the world. The place to begin showing this Divine Spirit that you love or venerate it is by showing love to yourself. One of the most primal – and obvious – expression of that love is in how we choose to feed ourselves.

If you are a woman, accept that your body may be far more different even from your closest blood relatives. Your body may react to certain types or groups of foods in different and possibly unexpected ways. Or, you may find certain prescriptive eating plans only effective to a limited degree. Generally, however, the harder you make it for yourself to eat in a healthy way, the less likely it is you will find it easy to succeed.

The Angels urge us to accept ourselves for who we are – and that begins with our physical bodies. Within certain broad parameters, everyone is different. Women will find that it can require more time and care and attention to figure out what is best for them. The next few Guidelines lay out in broadest terms what to include.

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