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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now that you've got your lists...

Now that you’ve got your lists, you can begin to make some observations about your eating patterns. Chose a time when you can really focus. Have a notebook or journal ready to jot down any ideas or images that occur to you, no matter how random they may appear. Consider not just what you ate, but when and where you ate and how you felt about it.
You may notice, as I did, how infrequently you eat. You may notice just how sweet your sweet tooth really is. You may find you have a real aversion to certain types of foods or just don’t eat whole food groups. You may realize that much of what you eat is determined by the needs or tastes of other people, your social surroundings or environmental cues like the clock.
In my case, from my lists, I discovered that I tended to not eat healthy foods I love – like asparagus – because other people in my house – like my kids – objected to it. I discovered I could run on coffee (with a lot of cream) between five AM and noon, when the reality of being hungry would start to dawn on me. Then I would make up for all the day’s “lost” calories by over-eating after dinner. I spent quite a few hours meditating on what it said about me that I denied myself nourishment while I spent the major part of my day taking care of others’ needs. Believe it or not, it’s still hard for me to remember to eat before noon. Lately, though, I’ve started to get hungry around 8 AM. My personal trainer and I consider that a huge step forward, because in her universe it means my metabolism is burning a little more quickly.
However, according to the Angels, this represents spiritual growth as well. By embracing and acknowledging my own needs, I am thus better fortified to meet the needs of those around me. When I take the time to enjoy – even for five minutes – the wonderful blessing that good food really is, I do far more than nourish my body. When I choose to eat the healthiest choices possible with total self-love and self-acceptance of my body’s own legitimate needs, every meal becomes an opportunity to connect with the divine.
Healthy foods don’t just fill your belly – they balance your chakras – your energy centers – and they sustain your soul.
Take your time. Don’t rush and most importantly, don’t judge. If you’ve enjoyed a few extra pieces of candy because it’s Halloween, don’t be hard on yourself. Forgive yourself for missing meals, fast-food stops, and too many cookies. Forget about how you think you “should” eat, and allow yourself to focus on what you did eat.
Once you’ve done this step, feel free to take a day off from the process if you like. On the other hand, for you folks who like it all NOW – or for those of you familiar with the concepts – to begin to categorize your lists into complete protein foods, brown foods (which are grains) and the rainbow foods – which are fruits, vegetables , herbs and spices.
If you’re not sure what “color” the food is, don’t worry about it. If it’s a plant and grows, you can always call it green. If it had fur feather or scales, it’s a complete protein. You might want to create a checklist and see how many “rainbows” you managed to eat in one day.
As always, Karen and I invite your comments.

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