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Sunday, November 14, 2010

what's in YOUR rainbow?

Now that you've been paying attention to what and when you are eating - let's talk a little bit about what you might want to be eating, as well. 

Notice I didn't say "what you SHOULD be eating."

With the Angels, there are no "shoulds." 

However, if your goal is to feel healthier and more energetic, for example, the Angels suggest you begin by creating a chart that includes these categories*:

The next step is to list all YOUR favorite foods under these categories. I found it easiest to work with just a couple categories at a time.  Under Red, for example,  my list included strawberries, red potatoes, watermelon, cherries, beets and cranberries.  You can also include spices or herbs that fit the colors - paprika is one I included on my "red" list. 

White-light foods are complete protein foods.  My list included eggs, yogurt - I could live on yogurt - and prime rib.  However, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, rice-and-beans is an example of plant-based complete-proteins. 

Brown foods are cereals and grains.  Remember as you create your list, that these are YOUR favorite foods.  If you have a bowl of oatmeal every morning because that's what the kids eat, but you're not really a fan, don't list it.

In the "Fats" category, I put down foods like french fries and potato chips, because they ARE and I really love them.  My list also included things like whipped cream, half n' half, olive oil and butter.  Cheese is an example of a food that could be considered a white-light food, but could also be considered a Fat.  So put the foods where YOU feel they belong. 

Under "Sweets,"  I listed any treat that was sweet - ice cream (even though you could put that under Fats if you wanted  or even white-light food ...it's a stretch, perhaps, but the Angels encourage us to give ourselves a lot of leeway.)  My list included chocolate chip cookies, anything caramel and hot chocolate.  I also listed foods like maple syrup and honey. 

Once you have your chart, take a look to see how many of your favorite foods you are already consuming.  See if you ARE "eating a rainbow" every day.  You may surprise yourself.  Or, you may realize that whole colors could be woefully under-represented.  You may see a seasonal pattern in your eating - at this time of year, right before Thanksgiving, I tend to eat more red and orange vegetables and fruits.  However, by making sure that I  include a serving of at least one yellow, green and blue/purple food, I'm ensuring that all my chakras are nourished every day. 

The Angels, Karen and I invite you to try this next step.  We would be thrilled to know your reactions.

*In our book, Eating...the Angel Way, both sample and blank charts will be included. 

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