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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fourth guideline - Eat a rainbow every day and a white-light* food at every meal

The fourth guideline – so deceptively simple - is the foundation of the Angel Guidelines and if there is one guideline only you incorporate into your daily routine, I recommend you choose this one.

According to the Angels, the bright colors of fruits and vegetables don’t just captivate our senses and offer promise of delightful tastes. Just as the vitamins, minerals, etc contained in the fruits or vegetables nourish our bodies, the colors recharge, balance and cleanse our energy bodies. The colors of food – red, orange, yellow, green, and blue/purples – all correspond to the centers of our energy bodies - also called chakras.  Color has an energetic rate at which it “vibrates.” Thus, eating a rainbow colored salad doesn’t just fill you with good stuff; the energy vibration rates of the food colors themselves also recharges the energy centers – or chakras – of your body.

In the West, we are finally beginning to accept the understanding that “dis”ease occurs in our energy bodies before it manifests in our physical bodies. Recognizing that the energy body needs to be nourished as well as the physical body, and choosing to eat that which will only not fill your body but feed your soul is an act of healthy self love.

The reason the Angels urge us to “eat a rainbow every day” is that this way the first five (or six) energy centers that are most intimately connected to the physical body are also replenished every day. The more rainbows you eat, the better you feel.

In my case, I also experienced greater clarity in my intuitive senses as well. My accuracy when doing professional intuitive readings for clients soared exponentially. My ability to comprehend the “bigger picture” and withstand the vicissitudes of life with equanimity increased. I became more and more sure of my ability to make healthy food choices because I finally knew what “healthy” felt like. I could feel my body cringing in the grocery store when we passed the overly-processed, additive-laden foods. As I became more and more used to making healthy food choices, I was also able to make healthier life choices in general. I was able to see areas where situations or relationships were unhealthy. I was thus able to make adjustments in those areas of my life. I was able to trust that the decisions I was making were ultimately going to be just as the healthy as the food with which I was feeding my body.

If all you do is make sure you include one serving of a red, orange, yellow, green and blue/purple fruit or vegetable across the day, you will be well on your way to nourishing your body – your whole body - in a loving way.

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