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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feed Your Tummy, Nourish Your Spirit during the holidays

Greetings Angel Way fans!
I'm still swimming in a see of manuscript pages in preparation for submission to the publisher; I just wanted those of you who are new to ETAW to know that I, Karen, am not a figment of Annie's imagination and I do exist in the flesh.

Speaking of flesh... how did Thanksgiving go for everyone?

I began my celebration by honoring my inner snowflake: I asked myself what does my bodymind most want to enjoy this day? Surprisingly, I filled my plate with the amazing array of veggies, wonderfully prepared turkey and roasted chestnuts that my in-laws prepared. We also had many vegan dishes and asian dishes since part of the in-law side is from China. So, a multicultural celebration and experience for my taste buds. Having followed ETAW for quite a while, it's more or less second nature and I find my body doesn't really desire the buttery high carb foods. I was more interested in the taro root (purple potato like veggie) than the mashed potatos; loved the roasted chestnuts and the veggie-cranberry based stuffing. When desserts came round, I tried an apple-pear crumb pie. One bite was too sweet for me so I set it aside; but the homemade cranberry tart was just right. I wrapped up my day sipping green tea.

I didn't feel deprived or over-stuffed. I felt satisfied and nourished; energized not lethargic.

We all should feel this way after any and every meal.
the Angel Way can help you feed your tummy and your Spirit.

Now, isn't that a great way to celebrate the holidays!

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