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Friday, September 11, 2009

Clouds covering my Rainbow

Sometimes  you will get stuck, as has happened to me, and your Rainbow Path will be engulfed in clouds. You won't know what to eat, won't understand your cravings for a particular food or foods, won't feel clear and centered.... it is at these times that deep breathing, a walk around the corner (or even down the driveway) can help you regain clarity. There may  not always be time to write in your journal about triggers or emotions or anything else... but dep down, you DO know... the wisdom and understanding is there... it is only clouded by the "happenings" in your life ... let go of your connection to what is outside of your bodymind and reconnect to the breath and the spirit within you... Guidance will come, sooner than you think, and you will understand and be able to choose more wisely, more healthfully... should you get stuck in the clouds for a day or two or even a week... don't begrudge yourself... find some time to journal, reach out to a Rainbow buddy or send a note to the blog ...

There's a balance that we all have to find for ourselves... in eating... in life... if only we listen to the Wisdom within.

Peace,  Karen

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Walk in the Woods said...

Your post, Karen, comes on the cusp of a clearing and centering that has renewed and refreshed a great deal in my life - food choices included.

It is ever-refreshing to dive into the still waters where that Wisdom often hides (for me), and equally refreshing to discover it - right there where I Know it is - every single time ... I listen.