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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rainbow Challenge!!!

today is the day... count 'em up... let me know... how many rainbows did you eat in june?

the person with the most rainbows... wins an Angel-Approved prize!


Martha said...

Not enough, maybe 1 a day? I use a superfood supplement w/chlorophyll and spirulina that atones for alot of dietary sins.

Stacie said...


Kathy said...

I didn't keep very good count. In fact, I forgot June was almost over. I probably averaged 1.237 rainbows a day. And I think the chili dogs may have negated some of the rainbow glow.

Lynette said...

I know since going on this diet rainbow eating has really helped me. Also I have been eating tons of salads which are easier to eat if they have multi colors in them. My favorite rainbows have pics from my cell phone but dang if I can figure out how to transfer them to the computer. POOH!
So how many have I eaten?
47 meals have been rainbows!

Martha said...

Lynette, You ROCK!!

Dear GA, in between trips in the car, I thought this post might interest you


Anonymous said...

Alas, I have not been very rainbow centered this month. However, I do pay attention to it (everyone in the family talks about rainbow food, and my 17-year-old stepson thinks it's pretty amusing!)

My best efforts have been with smoothies; I usually manage a red, yellow, orange and blue content smoothie, which gives me a rainbow if I eat some green too.

I would say my grand rainbow total is about 12. I'll keep working on it!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is doing awesome! My three year old is now encouraging Dad to eat his rainbows or his mind and body won't be healthy and strong-- and he'll get fussy. "Daddy, that's what happens to me when I don't eat my rainbows!" she says.

See ETAW is so easy and so good for you even a child enjoys it!
Karen Rider