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Monday, September 28, 2009

first guideline - what you eat, is up to YOU

the first guideline sets the tone for all the others, and puts the responsiblity for nurturing your Self - your whole Self - squarely into your hands. one of the most remarkable aspects of the whole process was the way in which the Angels never said i "had" to do or eat anything. They made it abundantly clear that the foods i ate, the manner in which i chose to eat it, and the method of preparation was completely up to me. as perfect emanations of the Divine Source of All Things, the Angels bow to our free will.

however, what the Angels wish everyone would understand is that the choices we make about what and how we nourish ourselves, reflect key attitudes, beliefs and needs. if we are not aware of the full spectrum of what we're seeking nourishment for, we may make choices that not only reflect this lack of awareness, but may also be less than beneficial in the long run. we can learn to nourish our entire energy body, so that we feel nurtured, supported, balanced and whole in every aspect of our beings.

as the Angels see it, every time we eat, we have an opportunity to show our Selves how much we love, honor and value our Selves.

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Karen M. Rider, M.A. said...

To reiterate this... I just read an article on the Dana Foundation for Brain Research at their website... to paraphrase a statement in the article "complex though it is... we choose what to eat, when to eat and how to eat"

Indeed, the choice is yours. Choose wisely, choose with love.