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Monday, September 28, 2009

Days without Rainbows

Recently, I found out just how lousy it feels to not follow this divine and loving way of eating. Last week I went out for Girl's Night at PF Chang's. My first night out with the WomYn Folk in a long, long, long time. We decided  to order and share appetizers... there were 9 of us. We ordered a nice wine, too. The lettuce wraps were wonderful, the steamed shrimp and veggie dumplings, too. I didn't overindulge but the small amounts of other things I ate-- like the spring rolls the egg rolls and what i thought would be green bean veggie chips (green beans wrapped in tempura batter--translation frided)-- by the end of the meal I felt well, yucky. Kind of oily and sluggish (and I did not even finish the wine.)  Despite having eaten fairly well throughout the day, prior to our night out, this one meal left me feeling hungover the entire following day. I craved fruits, water, and healthy grains. In fact I ate fruit and yogurt for breakfast, three pieces of fruit and tea with crackers for lunch, and a large salad with egg whites for supper. And more tea.  By mid afternoon I felt clearer, cleaner and more energetic. By bedtime, I felt like "me" again.

You see... as your bodymind comes to love The Angel Way... you realize you can't go back to your old ways .... even visiting those less than loving and healthy ways for a special night out will affect your energy, mentally and physically. WE all have these days without Rainbows .... but let them be few and far between. Your bodymind and spirit will thank you for it.  Peace -- KMR


annie kelleher said...

karen - this is exactly what i have found to be true too. i have limits, and when i reach those limits, wow... do i FEEL the difference. but isn't it amazing to see how quickly your body responds to the food it really craves?

Karen M. Rider, M.A. said...

YES...and as you know, Annie, I am one of the healthiest eaters in general...but not since the days of having an eating disorder have I so quickly felt -- in body and mind--the effects of such a small amount of "less healthy" food choices on my entire being!

And, for the record, and given that hindsight is 20/20, had someone handed these guidelines to me when I was suffering with an eating disorder... my recovery would have been much quicker because of the way the guidelines speak to my spirit and heart, not just my bodymind. But that's just me.