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Sunday, September 27, 2009

the ten guidelines - revisited

Over the next ten days, I will post a guideline a day and talk a bit about each one. here they all are - not in the order I received them, but in the order Karen and I (with some angelic guidance) decided they made the most sense:

1. What you eat is up to you.

2. Men are like raindrops, women are like snowflakes.

3. Begin slowly and be gentle with yourself.

4. Eat a Rainbow every day and White-light food at every meal.

5. Eat Brown foods with awareness.

6. Every body needs a little sweetness (in their lives.)

7. Every body needs a little cushion.

8. Eat as organically and locally as possible.

9. Eat like a baby – nourish your body every three hours.

10. Keep a diary and plan how you will nourish yourself.

1 comment:

Martha said...

Thanks for the overview, I forgot about the whole snowflake/raindrop thing!