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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What feeds YOUR soul?

For the last ten days, I've been spending a large portion of my day doing what feels to me like one of the most nourishing things I can do for myself:  staring at the ocean.  I'm not a very energetic vacationer, because watching the ocean is what feeds my soul. 

One of the most important aspects of Eating...the Angel Way is to take some time learn not just what your body is hungry for, but also what the rest of you craves.  Your mind, for example, may enjoy the mental stimulation of doing crossword puzzles or playing along with television quiz shows.  Your emotions and creativity need expression and validation.  Your soul has deeply rooted needs and desires as well. 

Spending even a few minutes a day engaged in something that feeds your particular soul may be a different as doing a random kind deed, meditating or praying, attending a religious service, or spending time in nature.  As you begin to apply the Guidelines to your own life, you may find it easier to identify what it is that makes you feel spiritually refreshed and whole.  You may even see ways in which cravings or desires for certain foods are related to spiritual or emotional needs.  

The more aware you become of the root of these cravings, and what fuels the need, the more likely it is you will find additional ways to feed your soul that engage all your senses - and not just taste.   Slowing down to savor your food like Angelina, will help you practice savoring all forms of nourishment ...and not just those you eat.   

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Walk in the Woods said...

I'm reminded of - just last night! After taking the dog out for her pre-bedtime constitution, I returned outdoors, cold though it was, to sit in the folding chair I had placed on the deck during the day to enjoy the sunshine … except in that moment, it was the misty sliver of moon, the quiet of the night, the whisper of the trees, the sound of a dog barking somewhere out there, and so much more that grabbed my attention to pause, to take in the moment, to nourish that deep place within.

I slept like a baby. Imagine that. :)